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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Some More Subjects To Discuss

My husband read my first post and suggested I do more than just shopping.  So as I get projects done, I will post pictures too. I have a lot of sewing projects to do, once I get material that is. In order to do those projects I have to figure out how to work a 1920s series Singer sewing machine. 
I'm going to try it out on nursing pads and patching holes in sheets until I get the hang of it, hopefully by then I will have material to make skirts. I plan on converting most of my jeans and capri-type pants into skirts. I have a pattern, so just need the material. 
I have also been crocheting. A lot. So those projects will get posted on here, too. Mostly coasters and pot holders, but have also been making Christmas tree ornaments that are cat and kid-safe. We have 3 under 4 and a one year old cat. We were driven crazy by cat and kids last year who were very curious about the tree. 
My biggest project this year is a vegetable garden. I'm just planning on onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers outside. The onions, tomatoes and bell peppers are all preplanted and I have a good amount coming up of everything but the bell peppers. The cucumber package said to plant when the soil outside was ready. I do plan on doing a bigger garden, but I'm starting small and will add more plants each year. We have a lot of flower gardens around our century-old house and since I'm REALLY bad about gardening (great idea to start a vegetable garden, huh?), the beds need some major work. Anybody need some saplings? Since the kids love to be outside, I know I'll have plenty of time to work on the backyard. The front yard will have to wait until I get more help because we live on a busy road and it's not fenced in. 
We are also starting homeschooling this year, informally. Our son will be 4 in a few weeks, but he's ready to start learning how to write.  He is forming letters with cars and anything else he can think of, so it's time. If the two year old learns along with him, then it can't hurt. 
Well, that seems like all the projects I have planned for this year, I will share as I go along-with pictures of course. 

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