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Friday, April 11, 2014

Shopping Trip April 10

Well.. I failed and I've been kicking myself in the butt ever since. Now, in all fairness, prices went up.. so SOME of the overage wasn't my fault. But I still went over and it will affect the rest of the budget. 

On the plus side, the kids were good and Grace was only fussy through one store. 

My meal plan:
I wrote down on a notebook paper week by week for the dinners. I'll not always follow verbatim by day, but I know I have the ingredients for everything on the meal plan. 
Lasagna, Tacos, homemade pizza and bread sticks with cake for  Andrew's birthday Monday. Salisbury steak, ravioli, spaghetti, chicken parmesan with fettucine alfredo.. and more pizza and spaghetti for fill ins. 
I also plan to try home made bread again, we tried in a borrowed bread maker and didn't like trying again now that I have an oven. I'm making pizza rolls and oatmeal cupcakes for our trip snacks to Nebraska, yes I'll share recipes. I also write down what we need to breakfast and lunch. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, orange juice, cereal, toast, coffee cake. Peanut Butter and Jelly (for hubby, not for kids), fruit, pizza bites, popcorn chicken (homemade). Hamburgers, hot dog and french fries for the weekends. 

Dollar Tree
Lasagna noodles $1.00
Baking soda 2 $0.59 each
Pancake Syrup $1.00
Apple Juice Boxes $1.00
Liquid Dish Detergent 14 oz $1.00
Tortillas 2 $1.00 each
Grand total of $7.61 with tax

Earthgrains-the bakery outlet store
10 loaves of bread for $.90 each (They were day olds, but they go straight in the freezer until we need them)
3 packages of hambuger buns at $1.10 each (yet again, go straight in the freezer until needed)
1 package of hot dog buns $1.10
Worcestershire sauce $1.49
Dill pickle slice $1.49
Grand total of $17.79 with tax

Fareway Food Store
Fiora Paper Towels 8 pack $3.99
Ground Beef 10 pounds $2.29 a pound for $22.40 (The chub was about 9 lb 7 oz, this was an ad match to a competitor)
Frozen Corn-store brand 2 at $1.29 each
Cream Cheese $0.99
Folgers $6.99
Spaghetti Sauce Rinaldi brand 4 at $1.18 each
Yeast $3.99
Roma Tomatoes $1.29 a pound paid $1.18
Bananas $0.55 a pound paid $1.64 (not on the list, but they were on sale for cheap and I knew hubby wouldn't mind bananas)
Yellow Onions 3 pound bag $1.99
Fettucine Noodles 2 at $1.00 each
Alfredo Sauce 2 at $1.50 each
Lettuce head $0.99
Refried Beans 2 at $1.49 each
Grand total of $66.13

Sam's Club
Cheerios Two Pack $5.78 (40.7 oz each box)
Captain Crunch Two Pack $5.46 (20 oz each box)
Nature Valley Oats and Honey Granola Bars $7.93 (30 pack, 2 bars in each pack) (minus digital coupon of 2.00)
Vinegar Two Pack bought two boxes at $3.58 each (one gallon jugs)
18 Count Eggs at $5.69 each
Tropical Fruit Salad 2 at $5.58 (107 oz)
Daily Chef Angel Hair Pasta 6 1 pound packs at $4.98 for the box
Jif Creamy Peanut Butter 2 pack at $4.98 (40 oz each jar)
Sugar 10 pounds at $3.98
Parmesan Cheese 24 oz at $6.98
Flour 10 pound bags 2 $4.33 each
Minute Maid Orange Juice 1 gallon 2 at $5.48 each
Sunny D 1 gallon at $2.38
Spinach and Cheese Ravioli 32 oz bag $9.98
Daily Chef Chicken Breast 6 pound bag $10.98
Shredded Mozarella Cheese 5 lb bag $13.40
Beef Patties 6 pounds $17.98
DiGiornio Pizza 3 pack box $13.44 (minus digital coupon of 4.00)
Shredded Cheddar 5 pound bag $14.95
French Fries 6 pounds $6.98
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs 60 count $5.26
Bacon 3 pound packages 2 at $10.76 each
Butter 4 pound pack at $8.79
Flea and Tick Stuff 6 month supply $19.88 (minus digital coupon of 4.00)
Stouffer's Lasagna $10.98
Grand Total of $255.12
On most of my list from Sam's the prices went up. So I'm recording the new prices in my price compare spreadsheet so I can look for sales next time. 

I also went to Shopko because of sales. 
Kids Organizer Bin $29.88 (Originally $99.99, this was a closeout sale while supplies last)
Kids Plates 5 pack $4.99
Kids Bowls 5 pack $4.99
Thomas toy for Andrew's birthday cake $4.99
Cottonelle 12 pack $4.48 (originally $6.99)
Grand Total of $52.29
Shopko was not figured in the grocery bill as most of it was extra. 

I went over by $46.65. Grand Total of just groceries was $346.65. 
Yeah... I'm not happy. Hubby wasn't thrilled, but the food was needed. 
I could have avoided SOME of that overage had I gone to Sam's first as I usually do because Fareway had cheese and bacon on sale. Sam's only takes certain credit cards and since I left that card in Dennis' wallet I had to wait for Sam's until we met him for lunch.  I had to pay the high price at Sam's because there was no way I was going back to Fareway with two toddlers who were done shopping by this point. 

On the plus side, our living room is a little neater with the new toy box. We were using just miscellaneous broken Tupperware dishes, old gallon ice cream containers and Folgers containers, now it's being stored vertically..except for the many trucks that are too big for the container. And the kids also helped me put the shelf together. 

I do think it's going to be LONG weekend. Andrew is already begging for his Thomas birthday cake (only because he wants to play with the toy). His birthday is Monday. 

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