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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Starting Home School

I have found many freebies for our home school adventure..and we haven't even started yet! 

One of my favorite sites is Free HomeSchool Deals. There is a link to sign up for emails on this page. Every day, Jamerrill sends out an email with a collection of freebies she has found, along with a weekly collection from her and 10 other bloggers that she links to on Pinterest.  As part of signing up for her newsletter, you get a free ebook with tips on how to homeschool free and frugal. I have been getting the emails for probably six months now, and am just now reading the ebook. It is full of AWESOME tips and many online resources. 

I am thoroughly convinced that I should be able to homeschool through 5th grade without any formal curriculum. And even more so after reading that book. 

I collect anything that I think might be useful. I'm sure I could be saving more, but I'm only saving it when it sounds like something the kids will benefit from. I would say about half of what I save is special deals that only last for so long, while the rest is free as long as the web site is up. 

Yesterday I printed off ABCs booklets for Andrew and Eva. Well, mostly for Andrew but I knew if I didn't print one off for Eva things would not go well. And since the printer had a booklet option, the 33 page Acrobat file only printed off 9 pages per booklet. So I was able to save paper. I'm not starting anything formal with Andrew as he is only 4, but he knows his ABCs and is trying to write letters, so I figured I will start.  

So this is my first post of what I hope to many of our adventures in homeschooling on a tight budget. 

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