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Friday, May 16, 2014

Menu for May

It's been a little crazy around here. We all had some sort of sinus stuff, baby Grace is still congested and just not feeling well. After our shopping trip I cracked my head on the freezer door putting groceries away.. That one hurt. My head is still a little tender in that spot a week later. 

The menu this month is more detailed than it usually is. I'm hoping it will help me keep dinners and lunches straight. I also gained some inspiration from posts on Pinterest on how to menu plan. Next month I might even type it up on excel..we'll see. For now it's just on a notebook paper with a column for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each line is a day. 

Our breakfasts barely vary-eggs, bacon, toast, grits, cereal, OJ, coffee and pancaked or french toast on the weekends.  

Our lunches I have a space for Dennis' lunch-which we will switch back and forth from egg salad to tuna salad sandwiches and a space for our lunches-everything from tuna salad, to grilled cheese to pizza bites. 

The dinners I planned a dinner for about every third day, spaghetti and pizza are one night dinners around here. I'll keep putting recipes under a page, so if you want a recipe, keep an eye out on the extra pages, I'll try write a post on them, but I don't always get there. :) We did have a free dinner this week, Dennis did a survey and we got to review some pizzas. :) We love a supper we get paid for eating. And the pizzas weren't bad either. 

Dinner meals are spaghetti, Lasagna, Pizza and breadsticks, enchiladas (my husband calls them burritos), Sweet Hawaiian Chicken, sloppy joes, taco tamale pie, sesame seed chicken. And most of those are repeated at least twice throughout the month. 

I'll do a post on Lasagna soon, but right now I a very unhappy Grace because big brother just woke her up...AGAIN.... :( 

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