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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chicken Pox!

Well We've got them. Good ol' chicken pox.  It's just my two year and baby, but my boy is gettin fever sweats, so we are waiting to see if he is going to get them or not.  

I had planned on going to get calamine lotion to help with the itch for the girls, but Eva discovered that coconut oil works just great-plus we already had it in the house, so we are happy that it works for more than one reason. 

Eva has probably gone through a cup of coconut oil in the last day betwee putting it on the blisters and eating it, she's my little coconut addict.  

So we found another use for coconut oil.  At any rate, I'm glad she's getting some relief from the itchies.. 

After some family fireworks, my sister found this site.. At a risk of starting a debate.. I'm posting the statistics on contagious period..

CDC Chicken Pox Information

I find it very interesting that the vaccine that they say is supposed to protect us from this, makes those who get it contagious for longer than the actual disease. 

At any rate, if you are faced with the chicken pox, get some coconut oil and let them go to town. 

And from the words of my two year old 'Mommy, I have chicky dots on my butt'. :D

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