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Monday, June 2, 2014

Menu Plan

We are doing something different for a few months with grocery shopping to hopefully save some more money in at least the grocer category. We are going to try shopping every two weeks instead of once a month. This will give me $150 every two weeks. 

My husband helped with the meal plan for the next two weeks and decided he didn't want as many Italian foods.. So he had to come up with other foods. 

Breakfast is pretty much a constant around here.. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, cereal (we buy corn flakes and add craisins or raisins), waffles or coffee cake with OJ and coffee for me.

Lunches vary from here to there, and there's some days I will pull stuff out of the fridge for the kids and I and just make something. For Dennis we are going to do a week of tuna salad sandwich and a week of chicken patty sandwich. He gets chips, fruit, granola bar and popcorn for snack during the day. The kids and I, I am planning on pizza bites (sort of a mix between a recipe I found on Pinterest and a recipe from Modern Alternative Mama) and homemade lunchables. 

Dinner is always a tricky one. None of the kids like their food to touch..but food that touches (casseroles) is what helps food stretch.. So we compromise... This month we have planned, taco salad, ravioli (frozen, but hey-it works), shepherd's pie, burritos, tacos, fish fillets with potatoes and veggies, sesame seed chicken and pizza. 

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