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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ads are out! Shopping Trip for Jul 31

After last month and the terror of my four year old, I'm getting a little intimidated about taking him shopping again. So yes, I'm completely dreading tomorrow an the inevitable three hours of shopping. On the plus note for my sanity (though not my budget), the sales aren't great unless you are buying school supplies. 

I'm just shopping at HyVee, Sam's and Dollar Tree this month. Here are the ads for the rest. Happy Ad Shopping! 

Sunshine Food Stores
Fareway Food Stores

We have also been changing how we are eating. Trying to take out, if not eliminate, the majority of the tomato sauce/cheese combos. Husband has not been feeling well, having some stomach issues we, nor the doctor, are just not sure of what's going on. 

My meal plan this month includes a chicken taco bake, lasagna, burritos, sesame seed chicken, tacos, ravioli with alfredo sauce, chicken alfredo, egg rolls, and meat loaf. 

I'm using something new to help get my months and meals planned out. I was in the process of looking for refill pages for my planner I used many years ago and found free calendar pages from an awesome blogger on Pinterest. I printed these off and put them in my household folder.  These are just for 2014, so only four months more, but you can find them here at I Heart Nap time blog. 

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