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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Preschool Planning

I decided we are taking the jump this year. 

Andrew is trying to write letters on his own, he can recognize most letters and numbers and other milestones. I am gathering plans and getting ideas together to get things printed off and ready for preschool. 

I plan on doing two to three days of school a week. If we don't get that many, we don't. If we get more, we do. He's only four, so we are still early and don't have to buckle down. 

We will do a letter a week or every two weeks, that part we will play by ear. I have collections of free printables for letters, letter books and bible stories and coloring pages to go along with. You can find most of those on my Pinterest boards. I'm working on getting all the preschool pins consolidated into one board, but haven't gotten there yet except with new pins. 

I plan on doing blog posts for the different because a lot of my resources I have gotten from many wonderful bloggers who are kind enough to share their worksheets and I want to give them credit as I share, this will be done much easier if I do a week by week blog of what we are working on. I also have a preschool activity workbook that you can pick up at pretty much any major retail for around $15. I'm honestly not sure where mine came from, but it's here and unused.

We will do a Bible story with each letter, a coloring page to hold Andrew and Eva's attention while I read the story. Letter work will include learning letters, names and fun activities. Numbers will include the same along with shapes and colors. I will also print off worksheets to help him learn how to write his name, phone number, address-the repetition will also help him learn it. 

My greatest resource for art supplies will be Dollar Tree. They have a great variety of everything-including containers to keep it all in, so when I get my supply list together and I have checked my craft cupboard to see what I already have, it's off the Dollar Tree we go. 

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