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Monday, July 14, 2014

Shopping Trip July 4

I know I'm way late with this post. You were probably wondering where it went. 
I didn't get to it last week because I was out of town, and my parent's don't have unlimited internet so I didn't take my computer to be able to write a blog post or two while I was down there.. So, here it is, a few weeks late lol. 

As expected, there were many stores closed on July 4th. A good thing about this is that you know what stores actually care about their families and employees of such, makes me want to shop at Fareway and the bakery outlet all the more. 

Also a side note to my readers who use coupons. Please-for your sanity and the store's, read the coupon policy and adhere to it. Don't ask the clerk checking you out to violate this policy 'just once', don't make a big deal out of it.  Just follow their policy. That clerk violating that policy 'just once', could make them loose their job.... We were unfortunate witnesses to a disgruntled blogger who was also ad shopping with coupons-she threatened the clerk that she would leave a bad review, all because SHE wouldn't follow the store's coupon policy and wanted the store to waive the policy just for her. Those extreme couponing shows have made stores set many limits-that is one of them. So if you use coupons, make sure you know the policy and follow it. That's all, it's not that hard. 

I was able to go to Sunshine Foods, Sam's Club and Hy-Vee. 

Sunshine Food Stores
Cottonelle 12 pack 5.98
Mozzarella Chunk 2 at 1.67 each 3.34
Cheddar Chunk 2 at 1.67 each 3.34
Old Orchard White Grape Juice 2 at 3.99 each 7.98
Marshmallows 1.50
Bar S Franks 4 at .88 each 3.52
Marinara Sauce 1.99
Baking Soda 16 oz 3 at .89 2.67
Nutty Bars 3.99
Baking Cocoa 3.59
Big Buy Bacon 4 lbs at 2.99 a pound 11.96
Rice 9.46
Ground Beef at 2.39 a pound. I got two family packs which were around 4 pounds each. Total of 18.72
Lettuce Head 1.99
Total of $84.85

Sweet Cream Butter 2 at 1.98 each 3.96
Hungry Man Meals (hubby needed something to eat while I was gone) 6 at 3.28 each 19.68
Whipped Cream 2 at .88 each 1.76
Tortilla Shells 2 at 1.98 each 3.96
Hamburger Buns 3 at 1.28 each 3.84
White Bread 4 at 1.28 each 5.12
Popcorn kernels 3.58
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16 oz 4.98 (plus a .01 off per gallon of gas)
Total of 49.69

Sam's Club
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 10.23
Sun Chips 11.66 with a 3.50 off coupon 8.16
Angus Hamburger Patties 16.98
Chicken Patties 10.98
Shaved Ham 5.98
French Fries 6.98
Vinegar 4 gallons at 3.58 for 2 gallons 7.16
Sugar 3.98
Chili Powder 5.28
Eggs 3.59
Flour 4.69
Hamburger Buns 2.99 with a 1.00 off coupon 1.99
Pop Tarts 6.15
Mayonnaise 2 pack 5.78
Granola Bars 7.93
Total of 112.48

Grand Total of $247.02 
That leaves me $52.98 to spend at the two week mark.. Since I couldn't go to the bakery outlet I do plan on spending the gas and going this week, I just have to finish my meal plan and go from there. 

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