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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Changing The Diet

We've had some major hits to what we can eat at our house. 

Hubby has been having some stomach problems, so we have to take out if not eliminate the majority of tomato/cheese combinations. Bye bye pizza and spaghetti.  

Eva is what makes things challenging. She has an allergy to beta-carotene.  Basically nothing red, orange or green can enter her stomach without it making her sick. Do you have any idea how much food that eliminates?? You just tell me a fruit or veggie that ISN'T one of those colors. It's HARD. 

Add to that everybodys intoleration of dairy products and this is making meal planning SO MUCH FUN! (Insert sarcasm) 

Luckily, we have figured out with Eva the various amounts of certain food she can have and how often. In the meantime, we get a hurting stomach and fun clean-up for mommy. (again, there's sarcasm there). But every once in awhile we let things slip and I feel bad.  The only way to figure this out is keeping a food journal. I keep track of what she eats when  (and I do mean EVERYTHING), then write down if she has a reaction. With cantaloupes and carrots, it's been within hours and lasted for days from a small amount. With watermelon, the effect wasn't realized until we added cantaloupe to the mix. (And there went the smoothies, out the window...) 

In the meanwhile, I am working on meal planning for this week and trying to keep in mind all the allergies and intolerances so we don't have sore stomachs to deal. So far for this month I have 

  • Egg Rolls (I'll share the recipe when I get batteries in my camera)
  • Sweet Hawaiian Chicken
  • Chicken and Broccoli over Rice
  • Tacos

Now. Only 10 more meals to figure out! Happy meal planning! 

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