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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ads Are Out! Shopping Trip Septemter 27!

Hello Hello! Well, we're back at meal planning and grocery shopping again. How to months go so fast? 

I got excited when I looked at the Sunshine Food Store Ads this week. They have some awesome meat sales going on that I will definitely be taking advantage of. Can't say much for the other store, and Sam's hasn't come out with their instant savings yet so no comments there. 

Here's the links. Happy Ad shopping! 

Dollar Tree
Sunshine Food Stores (Sioux Falls store) Be sure to print off the ad coupons or grab an ad as you go inside. 
Fareway Food Stores (weekly)
Fareway Food Stores (Online)
HyVee Be sure to check out all the ads here, they have sales on pet care. 

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