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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Family Planner

I have been feeling very disorganized and disheveled lately, so I've been working on getting a planner fixed up to keep track of everything going on. 

My problem is that I wanted everything in one spot, but nothing you can buy at the store will keep everything in one spot.  

I needed a place for a lot of things

  • Keep track of bills
  • Keep track of spending
  • Keep track of school lessons (which are pretty lose, but I want to start now so it's not completely foreign when we have to report to the state)
  • Keep a calendar...seriously, I have four different calendars running around that have events on them, that's not productive for anybody. But I not only want a monthly, but a weekly.
  • Meal planning
  • Grocery List

I think that's everything. I also need to able to label and find things quickly. So I'm raiding our store supply of binder labels. 

I did do an internet search of free printables and found a few websites where I'm utilizing what they have. (Here) When I started saving sheets, I realized that I bought a bundle of books and printables a few of my blog sites that I follow were offering in the spring... Hello DUH. So I am also using a few of theirs, which I can't share because of copyright, but the one that I'm sticking with for sure helps me keep track of bills and where I'm not using how it's intended, it's helping us see how much in bills we are spending.  

So I'm getting my notebook set up. I have a separator sheet, labeled with the month, behind that I have the monthly calendar, with a weekly planner page for each week.  Then comes the bill tracker sheet (lists the bills, date due and I fill in the amount paid under the month paid), grocery list (notebook paper), meal planner (notebook paper), a notebook sheet I can fill out if we do bills when I'm not on the computer-then I can enter in my check register spreadsheet when I get on.  

I'm trying this method out until the end of the year. If I like it, we will keep going with it, or tweak until I do like it.  

I'm using a binder I got from my mom that she had stashed around the house from somewhere. It has two pockets on each of the inside covers. So I use a pocket for bills that need paid, a pocket for my WIC folder and that's all the pockets I'm using right now. I have a shipping envelope (5 inch by 7 inch) with holes punched in it in the front of the binder to hold receipts. 

Hope this gives you some good ideas to get you started if you are working on your own planner. I did pin some ideas and I believe the website I used are on the board, you can check that out here

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