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Monday, September 22, 2014


I have my plans set. We have done a few worksheets, but not many. 

For the most part, I'm getting my worksheets for the kids from resources through Free Homeschool Deals.  Jamerril Stewart gathers some awesome resources.  Mama's Learning Corner has some awesome resources she shares as well.  

My plans for each letter are 

  • Learn the letter. I have a sheet with a block letter, with an animal that starts with that letter. We will color and have things to paste onto the page. I found stickers at Dollar General that I plan on using. (1+1+1=1)
  • We will learn a nursery rhyme song. (The Teacher's Guide)
  • We will practice what sounds the letter makes and find things in the toy box that start with that letter. 
  • We have Bible stories that go along with the letter. (Bible Fun For Kids Blog, Mama's Learning Corner) I read a corresponding story while they color pages to along with. Sometimes they join me in reading instead of coloring. 
  • We will sing a Bible song, these are songs I got from my mom who used to teach preschool in a church. She kept all the songs on index cards and gave the index cards to me. We don't remember all the tunes, but we can make them up. :) 
  • We will practice number, writing uppercase and lowercase and work on shapes, I have a preschool learning book from a box store for this. Along with worksheets from The Measured Mom for extra practice in writing letters.

I anticipate that all this will take about two or three weeks of two school days a week to get through. I'm not rushing anything and I know my four year old gets bored really quickly. 

Hope this gives somebody else some other ideas. We are looking into curricula for structure when we get into needing a structured program, but this works for now as he is still learning basics. For the worksheets, I print off one copy, mark it with a small, red 'm' in a corner to know that's my master copy, then make copies from there. That way I know I have it and I won't have to go find it. 

We do want to add something about character traits in the mix, but haven't found what yet.  

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