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Friday, October 17, 2014

This and That

Not too much out of the normal has been going on around here. I severely underestimated how much flour I would need this month, so I'm almost out of flour, with not enough to make much of anything. 

The kids have been doing school most days.  I put their art stuff and some extra worksheets in a three drawer tote so they can get them without getting in the organized school stuff.  I printed off some shape sheets that I plan on having them cut out and paste on some old cardstock I have sitting around. 

I'm sick and tired of turkey lol, but we have another week of it to eat.  

I made a pair of sweatpants, but I didn't do the waist band right.. So when I get it figured out WHAT I did wrong, I'll use my good fleece instead of scrap material and share.  

I've also been working on replacing the leg elastic in the pocket AIO diapers (All In One, One size.. they fit from around 8 pounds to 30 ish pounds thanks to a bunch of different snaps and the pockets mean I can stuff enough to last if I can't change her every few hours, such as nights).  They are four years old and needed new elastic. Thanks to a tip from a friend, it's pretty easy. Fold the diaper inside out, find the ends of your elastic, Rip the stitches out of one end, then I attach the new elastic with a safety pin in between, stuff the safety pin into the elastic casing on the diaper, rip the stitches from the other end and start pulling. You'll pull out the old and get the new in place all in one move if the safety pin holds up.  Easy, but hard on the fingers and time consuming. 

Grace's hair is getting in her face already and I don't want to cut it.. So I've been looking up ways to make some hair bows that will actually stay. I don't think I have on hand what I need, but the supplies look fairly cheap and the process easy. 

Next week is shopping week, and under hubby's request I am waiting to see the ads to meal plan (I'm going a little insane with this method....)

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