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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Frugal Holidays

Everybody looks to save money around the holidays.  Probably more so around this time of year than others.  So here are some tips we try to use. 

Save up for gifts throughout the year
     You could really do this tip a few different ways. Some people buy gifts throughout the year, then stash them around the house until Christmas. Which works great unless you have curious children (who doesn't?).  Some people save up money throughout the year, then buy closer to the holidays when there's more of a selection for toys, less time to hide the stash this way.  There are also some banks and credit unions that have a 'Christmas Savings Account' to help you save the money.  We've done both here and there, labeling boxes or toys as they come in as to WHO is getting it (that way we don't's been known to happen).  Either way you do it, shop the sales. You still get the same toys you want, but for cheaper. Amazon has daily deals, Shopko has quarterly deals. Ebay has great resources, too. You never know what you can find on Ebay for a good deal. 
     If you do stocking stuffers, raid the Dollar Tree or other dollar aisle in your favorite store.  They have some great things there for cheap.  

Save on food by shopping the sales
      Shop the sales. Shop close to the holiday and shop the sales. I really can't say this enough. I use holiday sales to stock up on spices, because they are usually really cheap this time of year. If you like canned pumpkin, many stores have it for REALLY cheap this time of year.  Same with turkey, ham, potatoes, yams-all the holiday staples.  Keep a closer eye on the ads and get what you need and like for cheap as they go on sale.  Whipped Cream freezes, buy a lot, stick it in the freezer, then thaw as you want it. 

Use discount stores for holiday decor and party supplies (warning, I plug our ebay store in this one.. I want the stuff out of my house and I know my mother in law feels the same)
      This isn't one we use to buy as I'm not really the decorating  type, but we do put product online with our ebay store as per the holiday (check us out).  Dollar Stores have quality decorations and they are budget friendly.  Paper plates (decorative or not), napkins, cups, centerpieces, place cards. You name it, you can more than likely find it.  It certainly can't hurt to look, right? 

That's really all the tips I can think of right now.  Don't throw your budget out the window just because it's the holiday season. 

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