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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Shopping Trip January 17, 2015

Things continue to be crazy around our house. My husband went through a period where he didn't want me to meal plan, just use what we had.... I'm going a little crazy, so back to meal planning. 

There seems to be a few good sales running around stores this week, so it looks like I'm going to be hitting a few more stores to get the sales.  Hopefully Andrew holds up and doesn't go crazy on me. At least the weatherman says it will be a little warmer, hopefully it will. Then the kids can just bundle in sweatshirts and hats and we won't have to take coats on and off half a dozen times. :) 

Well, As it is. Ads are out for this week. I don't have my meal plan made out.. but I do have a few meals in mind, so we'll see how they fit with the sales.  

Here's your ad links

Happy Ad shopping. If you use HyVee, don't forget to check out the digital coupon section on the site. They download straight onto your fuel saver card, so when that gets scanned for fuel saver points, the coupons come off and you don't have to remember to give them to the cashier. 

Stay Warm!  Our 'high' is around 40 this weekend, hope it gets that warm lol. 

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