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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I'm still a little skeptical that spring has actually sprung for us. Regardless, I am taking advantage of the warm weather by walking with the kids and starting work on the gardens. I enlisted the help of a friend in town considering our proximity to the highway and no fences in the front yard, it's nice to have a female to talk to and having an extra set of eyes for the kids.  

I have major garden projects going on this year. I plan on clearing out the front yard gardens so we can get the saplings out of there and the dead mini trees (not sure what they are, some sort of evergreen).  I will have to have help with those-somebody with a chain saw. :)  I have on spot almost completely done and found some flowers starting to poke through.. I have to be patient to see what those are.  

The backyard will be the big project. I have to till up some ground for my already flourishing garden.  The tilling in itself will be a feat as all I have is a hand tiller.  But we will get it figured out! There is also some sort of vine thing taking over the back yard that will meet it's demise this year. Eventually in the back yard we plan to build a patio, clothesline and maybe a swing set for the kids (have I mentioned we have a small back yard?).   

So far I have planted green peppers, garlic, tomatoes and broccoli. The green peppers and garlic came from what i had in my kitchen, I'm hoping the green peppers survived the transplant they endured.  The garlic is flourishing as is the broccoli. Still waiting for the tomato to sprout, but then it hasn't even been a week since those were planted.  So being patiently and keeping the cat away.  

Time to get your garden going so it's ready to transplant in May! 

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