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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getaway Weekend

This weekend we are attending the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Surprise! Honey, we are getting away next weekend. 

Right now, I'm just praying I will be able to hear most of the preaching. Although we will be missing one day, since it was a last minute decision, we will be there for one full day and Sunday services.  Have you ever attended a conference with three toddlers? 

Yeah. Didn't think so. I'm crazy, right? 

So. I'm planning. Today we're making cookies, then freezing them so we have them for this weekend, otherwise we'll eat them all.  Other than that, I have no idea what we're doing for meals other than continental breakfast provided by the hotel.  I think the plan is to hit up the dollar menu at nearby restaurants.   Also today, I'm putting together fun notebooks for Andrew and Eva.. Color pages, letter practicing, just some blank pages. I'll find some cool stuff for them.. That way they can't make a mess with the papers.  They'll have little backpacks full of toys, as will Grace. We'll have a backpack full of books, because my kids love to look at books.  Hopefully all this will ensure I'll be able to hear some.  

I do plan on going to the store before we leave Friday, getting diapers (I usually don't keep disposables diapers in the house) and wipes, soda, juice boxes and maybe some crackers-not positive. And water-a case of water bottles.  

For Dennis and I, I'll be taking along sugar, creamer and coffee flavoring. That way we can just get black coffee and put in the extras ourselves, that will save money-especially if the hotel has coffee makers.  I can't stand the hotel coffee black and hubby doesn't like any coffee black-thus the need for flavoring. 

To say I'm nervous about my children's behavior is an understatement.  But I'm trying not to be, because the more nervous I am, the more they feed off that energy. 

Any suggestions for keeping my babes entertained? I'd gladly take them! 


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