Triple Clicks

Friday, April 10, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Whew it's been hectic around here! 

Had a Jamberry party (love those now!).  

My oldest came up for Easter and we had her birthday party. She turned 10 this year. 

This weekend we'll do my son's birthday party. He's turning five, where did the time go?!?!

The biggest is we are making some health changes around here.  Hubby is going on a diet, which in our house, that means everybody is going on a diet.  It certainly can't hurt any of us to eat healthier.  

We started off by looking in Atkins, but now are wondering if we should combine Atkins with Paleo.  We're still looking into possibilities and recipes, trying to find a happy medium with all the allergies in the house-and enjoying our last month of junk food.  I went shopping right before we decided to do this, but I think I'll end up making a mini trip to get some more veggies and fruit. I was really surprised, and disappointed, to find the Atkins didn't allow for much fruit at all.  I know that fruit as a lot of sugar, but it's not processed and easier absorbed by your body than eating junk food. Fruit is not something we are willing to give up, limited as it may be with what Eva can be-it's just not going to happen. Which is why we are thinking to incorporate the paleo approach into this-that and it had better looking recipes. 

I spent yesterday looking around Facebook trying to figure out how to put homemade foods into the Atkins daily diet plan. Man was that a pain, we spent 2 hours last night doing that! We also cut a bunch of foods just from looking at that first day.  

This morning I'm looking into paleo and downloaded some free ebooks I'll print off to read as I'm able. Lots of information out there, but it seems to be easier than anything else we've looked at and a lot easier to fit into a tight budget-which is important. 

Unfortunately, school has been put on hold for a few weeks until we wind down again.  I am making notes on my calendar, so I know when to plan vacation days. (Speaking of school, Eva is sitting beside me with the Google TV keyboard copying my finger strokes as I type.) The kids love the Heart of Dakota preschool curricula, but I'm going to try putting together my own curricula for when this book is out and see if I can do it. I know I have plenty of worksheets I found for free, it's just a matter of planning.  

I have found, despite following the instructions on the seed packets, I planted way too early, so I'm hoping I can keep the plants alive until time to plant-come on spring! My broccoli seems to be faring is it came up great. My poor tomatoes have been cut in half because they molded. (who knew?) My green peppers did not take when they were transplanted to a pot and my garlic molded too. Seriously, what is it with my poor plants and mold? I'll put garlic straight in the garden soon when I plant the rest. I also bought marigolds on the advice of a friend to plant amongst my vegetable plants.  It's supposed to help with pests.  

Well I think that's all that's going on around here. Not much at all! lol.