Triple Clicks

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shopping Trip June 4th

Yes, I know I'm a little late, it's been a little crazy around here. 

The ads looked like normal, not too much on sale.  My predicted amount put us way over our wanted $300-with no extras, but we have to eat, right? And with the apparent bird flu (according to the news anyway) killing chickens, our meat of choice is going to go up.  I'm not looking forward to that.  

Since I can generally get chicken around $1 a pound at Sam's (it depends on what I get-whole, whole organic, breast, tenders, legs, thighs....) we decided to experiment this month. I'm going to try some sort of stir-fy style for the most part for suppers.  Weekend lunches are hamburgers (40, 1/4 pound pre-frozen patties at Sam's for $30, I just add some homemade seasoning) and homemade french fries on the weekends, chips on Sundays (because I don't have an hour to mess with french fries).  We also have fish and we're experimenting with vegetarians meals using quinoa.  Lunches for the kids and I are whatever we can scrounge up around the house-my canned food cupboard is overfilling. Dennis is eating salads.  

So Friday and some of Saturday was spent chopping and portioning all the chicken and the vegetables so I can just get them out and thaw when needed, I'll have the whole meal there minus the rice-but that's easy enough. I'm loving the simplicity of these meals already.  Throw the chicken in with garlic, ginger and coconut oil, cook until done, remove from pan. Throw the veggies in, cook for about ten minutes, then put chicken back in until veggies are done. All the while the rice and sauce are cooking ride beside. Easy as pie and the kids seem to be loving it-which is always a plus, but my picky eater comes next week so we'll just how interesting this will get.  

Today I still have some prep work to get done for Dennis' lunches. Chop the broccoli and the lettuce and put it in containers or baggies so it's ready for his lunches. I cut up melons Friday, so those are ready to go.  But other than that, it's mostly done.  

I did get very frustrated at Fareway stores again. To the point where I'm DONE. I will NOT be going back there-I don't care how good the sales are.  There were two things that impressed me about Fareway two years ago when they came to Sioux Falls, I was told that it was local meat (yeah, not the case-it's Tyson, which is anything but local...and I just don't like Tyson, so like Farmland products I avoid unless I can't avoid).  This last time, they had in their ads Oscar Meyer lunchables (just the simple ones with meat,  cheese and crackers) for $1 each.  Get to the store and it was Armour brand, apparently a 'misprint'. Yeah, not cool. Usually I don't mind off brands, but the Armour brand just doesn't have as much. Fareway was the last grocery store we went to so I because of what I had planned for lunch while driving, I didn't have too much of a choice at this point.  If something is going to be printed in their ads, they need to honor that ad. If they don't have that product in the store at all, there needs to be signs-on the door, where the product should be at that they don't have that, but this brand would be honored for the sale price-no such notice at Fareway Foods.  To top it all off, the guy that took the cart to car decided it was a good idea to fill my toddlers' car seats with groceries-he reached over the back of the back seat and put them there instead with the rest of the groceries in the back of the van. I have no doubt that if I didn't ask him SPECIFICALLY to NOT put the frozen foods on my hamburger buns, I would have had squished hamburger buns. Sorry Fareway, I'm done with you.  

Have a good week!