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Friday, August 28, 2015

Shopping Trip 8/27

I'm a little on the happy side this week. I actually came in UNDER budget on our grocery trip. I think I heard the checkbook singing. :D 

We did get a few premades and extras this month, but I only paid for 4 things that weren't on my list-and those were at Dollar Tree.  

Sam's we spent $147.  The instant savings gave us $10 off-AWESOME, didn't see that coming and I also had a $10 gift card from a survey site.  This is where I got my 'cheat food' lol.  I had planned on getting ravioli, but they didn't have any-not even the fresh stuff. Disappointed reigned, but we did find already made chicken fried steak, so got a box of that-and we'll get more meals from the same amount I would have spent on ravioli.. The kids and I have been craving pizza, so I got a carton of single pizzas. It'll only be a few meals worth, but it's something easy for when we're running around and talking walks.  Since my trips to my parents will be resuming, I also bought Dennis some pizza for when we're gone.  It's better than fast food (a little, anyway).  

Hyvee we spent $137. Not many convenience foods here, but oh my are eggs expensive!!! 

Dollar Store we spent $20, Mostly tortillas. The tortillas they have are a little smaller, yes, but just as good as what you get at the grocery store. They don't hold a candle to fresh-but that's another story as my tortilla making skills are nil.   This is also where we got our extra-I'm a sucker for the chocolate isle and the kids know it.  I also got Andrew and Eva a couple marker boards for school. I'm not sure we've spend more than an hour since we opened them that they have stayed in the drawer.  Best $2 Ever spent!! I was looking for an ABC chart and came across a laminated USA map, so I bought that-now I don't have to use ink to make our own. :)  

The bakery outlet was my favorite.  We got our bread, and for customer appreciation day we got a free loaf of Sara Lee's new bread. It LOOKS good and is cut texas toast style-perfect for garlic bread to go with our spaghetti.  $6 at the outlet, 11 loaves of bread and a box of muffins (also free).  

Over all, it was a good day.  Although for lunch we learned the hard way that Taco John's chicken nuggets are spicy, Grace was a trooper and ate a few though! :) 

School has started in our house so I feel super busy.  To finish this week, we are reviewing the letters and sounds we've been through. Next week we start with letter E and get back into the full swing of things.  

As soon as i can get back to my sewing machine, I'll let you know how my new skirt is going... 

Have a good week!! Tabitha 

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