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Friday, January 8, 2016

Baby Shoes

I'm starting my baby sewing-other than the quilt which I have half done... 

I moved my sewing list around a little, so the first thing I made is this cute little pair of baby shoes, with more to come.  I found this pattern on Pinterest when Grace was a baby and we LOVED them. It took a few tries to get them just right and the first couple pairs fell apart quickly because I didn't leave enough seam allowance for my mey=diocre sewing skills.  Also remember, the heavier material you have, you do need to add 1/4 inch or so, because they will be thicker once they are done. 

Yeah.. I forgot to turn part of it right side out before I sewed.. :D that's what happens when I sew at 6AM. :D 

Since this baby is coming in the spring, I am making 2 pairs out of fleece and cotton and 2 pairs out of flannel.  They will keep those cute little toes warm and are a lot harder for baby to kick off. A bonus for my budget-it's all made from material I have sitting around the house. 

The actual pattern is definitely newborn/0-3 month size, of course, depending on your baby they could fit for longer-but my little ones grow fast.  When they start walking (if they haven't started pulling socks off their feet first), put some craft paint on the bottom in a pattern for grip-also works great for socks.  

Here's the original pattern with tutorial and print out from Family Centered Blog.  My sister has been buying these type of shoes off Ebay for years, but my baby's feet just don't fit those-and I can make them warmer than what you can buy them by changing up the material.  The last pair I made for Grace, I used jeans and sweatshirt material-kept it soft against her foot, but firm against the hard, outside ground (and gravel and wood chips at parks and grandma's house).  I love this pattern and have enlarged it myself by simply adding a few inches to everything, about 1/2 inch at a time as she grew. 

The pair of newborns took me about and hour to make-with help from the girls of course...And Eva's constant 'when are we gonna make my dolly stuff mommy!'. :D  But I know their learning, so God is working on my patience in that aspect.  

All my pieces cut out.

The heel 

The toe covering-you sew the part that goes on top first, with right sides together, cut slits-or make button holes, I've done both-for the elastic then turn it so the seam is on the inside when you sew it all together. 

Now little bundle of material? That's the baby shoe!! When you sew it all together, you are sewing it inside out.  The first couple pairs of shoes I made, I forgot that and had to take them apart and redo them.... twice..each... Yeah.... Like I said, mediocre skills lol.  When you have it all sewed together,  you turn it right side out and insert your elastic through your hole in the toe and the top of the heel; pull it as tight as you need, sew the end together, tuck the ends in and done.  

This is an easy pattern, and can really be made with any material-the original tutorial I had saved she used cotton and leather for the soles, but from the picture on the website she has updated that some. It takes maybe 1/2 yard of material-I'm not really sure since I always use scraps, and these are a great scrap user-upper as they don't take much.  I do have to admit that the hardest part is pinning all the pieces together.. It's just SO LITTLE.  LOVE IT! Lol 

Enjoy making these cute shoes! 

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