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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cloth Nursing Pads-Time for baby sewing!

I'm sewing for baby again.  I had to use my mom's sewing machine for this project as I haven't figured out how to make it work on my old one yet.  

I found this pattern 5 years ago when I was expecting Eva and have made some for every baby since-they keep getting lost. Like socks.  On the plus side, these are easy to make.  Actually, I think it was a different blog, but same idea.  I usually still buy a box of disposable pads for when we are gone from the house (especially for those first few weeks of my body trying to regulate my milk supply), but these work pretty awesome.  

For my project, I used an old sweatshirt and an old sheet. The sweatshirt provided the fleece (1 layer-the outer layer) and the sheet provided the flannel (3 layers).  Like I said, these are VERY simple make, but the cutting out can be trying.  My mom and I were still overrunning the kitchen table after 3 hours of cutting when dad come home. :) Good thing he's used to our projects.  I used the back half of the sweatshirt, which got me 15 pads.  For the pattern, you need a saucer, a marker and a piece of paper.  Trace around the saucer and cutout. There's your pattern.    

Everything together, after I cut them all out, I grouped together one fleece piece and three flannel pieces. 

To make them contoured, you have to cut a wedge out... I'd say that's about 1/8 of the circle (rough guesstimate).  The pieces you cut out make great stuffing for homemade stuffed animals!!  

This step is really the only tricky part-and I can tell you, my mom's sewing machine and I had many words about who was in charge!  You need to sew the edges of your wedge together... You will want to overlap a little-but not much or it will be uncomfortable when you wear it.  Most of them I had sew this part 3-4 times to make sure I was catching all the pieces. 

Once you have that done, you sew around the outside edge, trim off any excess fabric and you're done. 

 The inside edge (love the hot pink thread?! lol) 

The outside edge.

As much as I LOVE my old sewing machine, it does not do the zig zags... I don't have that attachment.  So I needed to recruit my mom's machine.  If I had been able to do all the sewing in one sitting, I would have been done in a few hours... As it was, baby was protesting that chair that day, so I was back and forth taking breaks from the chair.   I also used whatever thread I grabbed, mom didn't care as long as it wasn't white or blue (that's the colors she uses most), she just grabs an assortment at a local thrift store when she needs some unless she cares about color.  

The trimmings were used to make a stuffed animal for baby that I started crocheting last week-but that's a different blog post. :D 

On a side note-if there are any Kmarts closing near you, might want to go check out the sales! 

~  Tabitha 

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