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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Copy Cat Taco Bell Crunch Wraps

I admit it, we eat out more than we should-but we're working on that.  One of my husband's favorites is the crunch wrap at Taco Bell. So last year I went in hunt of a recipe. 

Sorry about the shadow, the lights just weren't cooperative

Not to hard to do with Pinterest. While it doesn't taste the same, it IS thicker-and cheaper than Taco Bell-and more customizable.

So Here you go.

Copy Cat Crunch Wraps
1 package burrito size flour shells (make sure they are the burrito size!!)
1 package regular size flour shells
1 package tostada shells
Nacho cheese sauce 
Shredded cheddar
Sour Cream
1 recipe taco meat (1 pound browned, ground beef with taco seasoning)

After your meat is browned and seasoned, take another pan and heat up some oil in it-have an extra lid (just a small one will work) handy. Take a burrito shell (for my little girls I just use a regular shell) and spread your nacho cheese sauce about the diameter of your tostada shell-make it thick, you want to taste it.

 Then the taco meat. 

 Then the tostada shell-we're at the end of the package.  If you use regular size flour shells, there isn't enough room for a whole tostada, so the broken pieces work great for the girls, but they will tear through the outside shell. 

 Then the rest of your toppings. Sour cream and salsa first. Shredded cheese last-it will melt when you cook it.

 Now take one of your regular size shells and tear it in half, put half aside. Tear one half in about a 2/3 section, then put on top off all that yummy filling, use the rest to make sure it's all covered.  Fold up the bottom tortilla around the top,  mine always comes out as a hexagon-but hey, it works. 

 Plop it in your hot pan with the oil folded side down and put a lid on top, you are basically making a sandwich press here to keep it all together. 

 Flip it over and cook the other side a bit. 

Repeat until you have enough for everybody.  Usually we only use about a half pound of meat, but it makes for a great quick lunch.  The kids love it, though the girls usually end up unwrapping theirs and eating it like a salad-but hey, they eat it.  
For us, it's cheaper than just tacos-because of the amount of ingredients used.. While it's more of a variety, it's less per each one.  A package of tostada shells (about 20 I believe) lasted us two months.. A package of burritos shells will do about a meal and a half since Andrew eats a big one (little pig lol).  And I get the regular size at Dollar Tree.. I did attempt to make the cheese sauce homemade...but we agreed the $2 for a month of meals was just worth buying it premade. 



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