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Friday, February 12, 2016

Grocery Shopping Trip February 11th

Well, I changed things up a little month.  I've been making a few extra trips to the city this month and was noticing deals that Walmart has early in the morning.... So I decided to hit them up first and fill in with Hyvee.  I really dislike Walmart, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make the budget happy. Our Aldi's is opening sometime this summer, so I just gotta keep going until then. 

The kids and I hit up Walmart, Sam's, Hy-Vee, Dollar Tree and the bakery outlet.  And the gas station and fast food places for lunch-but you never hear about those. :p

Now first off, I paid $23 for gas in the van.  :D I'm loving these prices. :D $1.33 average right now.  

At Walmart, a few of the regular grocery items were cheaper than HyVee, but we really hit the mark with the meat sales. Brats and sirloin steak blew me away with price simply by buying the packages that were near the date. 
4 pack (maybe 5, but I know I counted 4) of sirloin steak 9.36
4 pack of brats 2.98
The steaks are a birthday dinner request for Dennis and Grace's party next weekend (Grace's is the 17th Dennis is the 18th) ,  and my crazy kids don't like steak, so they get brats.   The rest of the savings at Walmart were within 10 cents of what things cost at Hy-Vee, but since I was there, I picked them up.

Sam's Club, I didn't save more than the buying in bulk prices... But I did have a $10 gift card from a survey site that helped when I found prices were wrong on the website.  

Hy-Vee had some sales along with some digital coupons.  They had a dozen eggs for .99 (limit of 2). A digital coupon for yogurt and ice cream-so hubby got Ben and Jerry's and the kids got Itti Bitz (crazy Gracie also doesn't like ice cream, so I'll be making a cake, too). They also had Nutty Bars on sale (a must for hubby's lunch), 4 for $5-just the little boxes, but cheaper than the big boxes.  And Pepsi 6 pack bottles on sale 5 for $10, must buy 5.  

Dollar Tree I got my usual and a few extras.. aluminum foil, kleenex, trash bags for the bathroom trash, magic erasers (make cleaning the bathroom easy), toilet bowl cleaner, auto dish detergent and roaster pans with lids (starting my baby baking this month). 

The bakery outlet was also the usual, 12 loaves of bread, 2 hamburger bun packages  ($.75 each) and a couple boxes of bite size donuts.  

Other than that, we hit up Subway, Taco Bell and Taco Johns for lunch.  Yes, we all got something different.  

Minus lunch and gas, I spent $371 yesterday.  Not near as low as we'd like, but for the extra ice cream and cake decor, and the steak with the birthdays, not TOO bad for a family of 5 for 4 weeks.  

A few other notes... I am attempting belly wrapping for pregnancy support when we have to out and about.  It's supposed to help with the ligament and pelvis pain.  The wrap I used while we were shopping did not do it's job, the fabric is getting old so too stretchy, but I re-wrapped myself in my ring sling when we got home and I had rested for a big and that helped A LOT.  (Watch this video on YouTube too see what I'm talking about.)  I'm hoping to get it figured out so I can get my sewing done that needs done.  I want it all done by the middle of next month-just so I have everything ready.  

Also, upon talking to some seasoned homeschoolers on a local group on Facebook, I found out you can sign up for an educator's discount for OfficeMax and Office Depot.  So... I went and signed up this morning.  It's free to sign up and you get rewards for spending so much.  It can't hurt anything for sure.  

Have a great weekend! We're expecting snow up here in the frozen tundra of South Dakota (lol).  :D  


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