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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Planning, Planning and more Planning

I have a confession.  I'm a great planner, I can plan until I'm blue in face...but when it comes to the follow through, I have issues. And yet, I can't stop planning. It's a vicious cycle. 

The past week my sewing machine has been at a stand still forcing me to choose what projects are essential to get done before baby gets here.  

I have to finish my mama cloth and the baby blanket.  Andrew's car seat is getting cushion, Eva has a skirt that needs fixed, and my husbands's footstool is in desperate need of recovering-which will really be more stapling onto the wooden frame than actual sewing.  I would absolutely LOVE to get the baby clothes, wipes and nursing camisoles done, but I'm not counting on it anymore. I can only sit for so long and considering the amount (yeah, let's call it help from my well meaning kids who are learning) I get when I sew, my patience and nerves only last for so long. Grace LOVES to put her fingers where they don't need to be.  So we'll see how far I get.  

I also have to clean out our room where the bassinet and rocking chair go (including shampooing the carpet) and have baby clothes easy to get to... Girl and boy since we don't know what we are having.  

I have a few meals to get in the freezer (lasagna and stuffed shells..possibly waffles, we'll see).  

Anybody else overwhelmed yet? 

On top of all the baby stuff, we have home school (my crazy kids about had a heart attack when I mentioned the word 'break', so I'm getting extra worksheets ready for when I can't help along with the daily work) needs attention, we have the normal daily household chores... And we added a trip to Fargo in March.  They are having their annual Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference.  While I didn't get to hear much last year, and doubt I will this year,  I can always turn the live stream on and listen that way while the kids get their energy out.  Meeting the pastors (visiting with ours and his family from Missouri was fun!) and being able to be there was great.. So we decided we'd go again this year.  We are both completely looking forward to it, but it's a little extra planning for me-quiet activities for the kids, snacks that are Eva safe (learned the hard way last year).  

While I won't start planning the next school year until we get the materials around May or June, I'm looking into different ways of organizing everything.  It's so much easier on me to have everything planned out and ready to go than to fly by the seat of my pants.. So I'm on Pinterest almost daily looking for ideas.  

...SOOO... like I said.. anybody else overwhelmed yet?  ;) 

Have a good week! 


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