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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Getting Ready for Baby

I realized I forgot to do a blog post last week.  Sorry.  My brain has vacated the building.  Baby is due anytime and we are getting very impatient waiting for it to make it's appearance.  

Normally, I'd have a hospital bag packed and waiting in the car.. But we decided on a home birth this time.  So here is what I'm doing around the house. 

I've washed the bassinet and a few sets of clothes for boy and girl, but mostly just the gender neutral clothes.  In the bassinet, I'm collecting everything we'll need for the birth and baby right away.  It's all in one place and easy to access.  I'll probably rearrange it at least ten more times before baby comes. 

I can't remember where the camera is, or I'd take pictures lol... so Sorry, no pictures. 

(warning men, you may not want to read the next few paragraphs lol) I have the baby quilt, nursing tanks, and baby wipes done.   I have not finished the baby in a bag outfits... but only because I'm struggling to get normal house work done, let alone anything else.  Also in the bassinet I have chux pads, feminine pads, sterile scissors (since we plan to let the placenta drain all the way before cutting we won't need a clamp), two dollar tree quality plastic table covers (for the bed..because you just never know), an old sheet and a package of newborn disposable diapers... Because that way I won't have to worry about laundry for a day or two, Grace will also be in disposables.  

In an end table for our bed, I have the baby's cloth diapers-mostly homemade prefolds thanks to a friend, but I do have some flats and All in Ones that are newborn size. The covers for the diapers and snappis-which may or may not be needed considering the covers, but I want them handy just in case (snappis are the 21st century version of the diaper pins I LOVE them).  I also have two nursing nightgowns thanks to a friend-can't wait to use those, all my nursing pads-which I'm already using-but also disposable so I don't through AS MANY shirts while my milk evens out.  The boppy is stuffed in the bottom of the bassinet, covered with a crib sheet so it doesn't get all furry from the cat. Lanolin, although I'll use coconut oil first, I wanted lanolin available just in case.  And Lavender essential oil is patiently waiting in the bathroom cupboard for calming effects.    

Downstairs we have the new rocking chair that is OH SO COMFORTABLE!! And we'll put the play pen up with the bassinet so baby has a place to lay downstairs.  

As far as the family goes, we have plans for somebody to come be with the kids, along with a back up plan.  Easy meals (and numbers to the few places in town hubby can go pick up food if wanted or needed), paper plates, plastic ware, precooked bacon-gotta have the bacon lol.  We are blessed that my husband's work is understanding, while he did schedule vacation time, his boss understands that when it actually starts depends on when baby decides to come, that way he can be home for two weeks after baby comes instead of sitting here  all day being impatient with me, he's being impatient at work while I'm impatient at home. 

I did realize I forgot two very important things. Frozen berries for smoothies (GASP, really gotta get some berries) and ice-which we can run and pick up when I go into labor... because I love ice water when I'm in labor...and that's about the only time.  

In the meantime, I'm sitting here looking at my lonely sewing machine and feeling lazy with the huge pile of projects on a shelf nearby, but I'm sitting here, typing this and trying not to fall asleep-because I can't sleep at night, but during the day when my kids needs me, yep, I'm all over that sleep thing.  

Have a great week! 


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