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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quilted Booster Chair Seat Cover

The kids moved up in car seats... Andrew's seat needed a new seat cushion, so I figured we might as well make it fun for our little super hero lover.  Remember that Marvel Comic fabric I bought a few weeks ago? Well this is what it was for.  

The cushion turned out pretty good, and Andrew loves it! It is a little too wide, but that's ok. 

So here's what you need to make your own (especially if you don't have the original cushion to take apart and trace).  I used four pieces of copy paper from our printer, taped them together, laid it on the booster seat then traced the imprint of where the original lay (just... don't forget to add seam I did lol).  I also used an old hand towel for some absorbency, he's a kid, spills are gonna happen.  The batting is what's left over from the baby's quilt for a bit of cushion-but not too much to keep it safe.  Along with 1/4 inch elastic.

So here's his booster seat.  After I had traced the ridges (see the ridges?), I turned it over and marked where the hooks were for the elastic that hold those cushions on. 

 My pattern... minus seam allowance, because I forgot... (don't forget) See the circles? That's where my elastic will go, Once I marked the circles, I measured from where the cushion ends to the hook, took off about 1/2 inch and put that measurement on my pattern to know how long to cut the elastic.

Then I sewed the towel (...yeah no seam allowance, but I did cut the main fabric with a seam allowance) onto the wrong side of the fabric, this is the bottom.  

The OTHER half of the cushion got the quilting.  I cut it just to the approximate size so I had plenty of room for some scrunching when I machine quilted it (REALLY, REALLY don't like machine quilting).  For the quilting, I took my ruler and measured 2 inches between each line-lengthwise and widthwise.  

After both pieces were done, I sewed on the elastic...the wrong way.. Yeah yeah, I blame it pregnancy brain.. Just make sure your elastic goes towards the inside of the fabric, not like I did DON'T point it out.. it's a pain to undo and fix. 

After getting the elastic on, I pinned to two pieces, wrong sides together and sewed except for the straight edge to it would be easy to turn around.. See you you can see the elastic? You shouldn't see the elastic. 

After that I turned right side out and top stitched.  Then we put the cushion on top of the booster seat, stretched the elastic to make sure I made the loops big enough to go over the hooks on the bottom, sewed those loops and we were done.   

Pretty simple, really. (If you look close you can see the square from the machine quilting.)

Lots of projects still going on around here.   Getting a few done at a time as my energy allows.  Although some days it seems my energy allows more than my back does.  We have about a month before baby comes, so let the countdown begin!  

Have a good week!!


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