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Friday, March 11, 2016

Shopping Trip 3/10

To start off this post, I spent more this month.. I fully expect baby to be here within the month... and even it's not, I'm utterly exhausted and just wanted more convenience foods.  I also picked up some extras for what we will need when baby comes (paper plates for instance).  Any foods we need, my husband said he will just go to the local store and get. 

I was going to use HyVee's grocery pickup service (I've used it before when I'm this far along, it's a back and sanity saver for a $10 fee-completely worth it I think)... But they didn't have any open slots available, so that didn't work.  The kids went a little crazy with mommy's slow walking, but they survived.  

I am proud to say I kept better track of my list this month.. so I didn't forget anything I could find lol.  The few things I couldn't find, I blame on HyVee rearranging one whole corner of the store. 

So we started off our trip at Sam's like normal... 
I bought french fries instead of making my own this month-which I've been doing for a few months now, I just bought them in Sioux Falls this time.  I can't order from Azure before I run out of laundry soap, so back to ALL laundry soap we went.  A huge pack of foam plates-we'll use them all eventually. Precooked bacon, so bacon will be easy for me or Dennis when baby comes.  I only got half our bacon precooked and a package of regular bacon.  I also got a case of juice boxes, partly for a trip to Fargo next week, partly to make it easier on me so if we run out of juice, I don't have to go to the store as fast (we get juice on WIC, which typically means a weekly trip locally).  Oh and chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese....because.. I'm exhausted. Sam's total 277.56

At HyVee, we picked up four rolls of cinnamon rolls for Sunday mornings-a lot easier on this momma than making waffles two mornings in a row.. Refried beans for the burritos-in case I don't feel like making homemade.  The rest was normal spending. HyVee Total 106.07

At Dollar Tree, we grabbed some new coloring books for the kids for the conference next week, tortillas, worcestershire sauce, italian dressing and air freshener.  Dollar Tree Total 13.78

The Bakery outlet was awesome. :D  We got our normal 8 loaves of bread, some donuts (because I was lazy and didn't make coffee cake last weekend-so hubby needed something with his breakfast, raisin bread (I blame that one on the baby lol).  They were giving away free samples of their artesan bread (REALLY YUMMY, especially as cheesy garlic bread) and since I spent $10, I got a free loaf of the same thing.... So Basically, I spent $13 and got about $25 worth of bread.  Oroweat Bakery Outlet total 12.72

So total grocery spending was $410.13... Over budget, but that's what happens when I buy convenience foods... and the $20 in extras (plates and laundry soap) didn't help much.   

Things are going a little crazy around here... We got new furniture, a new love seat, it's a rocker/recliner on both sides with a console in the middle.. Original price was around $1100, we got it for $799. Not bad, eh?  A bunk bed for the kids, I don't THINK it was on sale, but we got it for around $179. And a twin mattress for that which they gave it to us for $99... We think we did pretty good spending $1130 on that (sturdy frame construction) including delivery and assembly.   Another $120 for a new rocker/glider with footstool for me from KMart.. That one's original list price was $160, but with the sale and getting it from the Kmart closing in Mitchell, gave me a good discount.  That stuff came Wednesday, so this weekend we have some rearranging to do to get end tables how we want them and get my sewing stuff and the kid's school stuff figured out.. Along with hopefully getting the keyboard back out.  

Have a good week!! 


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