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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What We Pack For A Road Trip

Our road trips are pretty low key around here... We don't pack a lot of entertainment for the kids-actually, they do much of their own entertainment packing. 

When we went on vacation last year, I did pack some extra entertainment that they never ended up needing.  

Usually on our road trips (6 1/2 hour drives to see grandparents, big sister and usually some cousins), the kids get a basket of toys that they fill up, blankets for hide and seek, sun shade and just in case they're cold, and their car pillows.  A bottle of water and some snacks handy.. The rest is up to them. 

My mom made these awesome toy baskets from plastic grocery bags-washable, durable and cheap.. Don't ask me how she did them, I don't know other than crochet lol.  They fill them up and take them to the car the day before (or the day) we leave.  I use an old cooler that doesn't keep things cold anymore to keep all the snacks and drinks together and within easy reach for me.  We also have a couple of little coolers Dennis got from work that I have started using for the kids' snacks.  Keeps them in spot and if I need to, I can strap them to car seat. 

We are headed to a Bible Conference in Fargo soon, so I have been planning on how to keep my little goons entertained for a 3 day Bible Conference.  Now I know I won't be able to keep them in the conference hall the entire time, I'm also hoping it won't be snowing so we can run off some energy in the hotel yard.  Here's hoping.  I decided to stay low key with this, too.  I grabbed 4 new color books, we'll grab the crayons in soap containers and they can sit for a sermon at a time.   I'll keep drinks and snacks in the car, so the sermons they get restless during, we can have a quick snack if wanted-but that way it isn't sitting there tempting them.  

I'm still working on my sewing list for baby.. Getting out baby stuff this week and cleaning the car seat.  Eva lost her favorite stuffed animal, so that hunt has been added to my list.  

Have a good week!!

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