Triple Clicks

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby is Here!

Our new little girl came to meet us last week. Thursday morning, Hannah Faith came to meet us at 8:21 AM.  She was 6 pounds 6 ounces. Cute little bug! :D 

We did a home birth, and I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to go straight to my own bed and take showers in my own bathroom versus worrying about nurses coming in every half an hour.  And the bigger kids didn't have to be without mommy at least to come get quick hugs.  I'm still resting and forcing myself not to lift anything heavier than little Hannah so I can heal.  We are blessed that Dennis could schedule his vacation time around baby coming-although that prodermal labor through a loop in it, we do have him home to help for the rest of the week as I get my strength back. 

We've also been blessed from different friends and family to have help with meals and birth cleanup.  

My sister was my doula, I can't tell you how nice it was to have a coach other than Dennis who could concentrate on just me-and baby-and was also here to help with the cleanup that I couldn't.  Check her out at Extraordinary Birth, Doula Services, or on Facebook.  She's guest posted on here before.   She also helped a lot with relaxation and natural pain management that I had no idea about.  

Next week is going to prove to be busy, but we'll get through it and I'm sure the kids will help once they get the hang of it.  Hannah has Andrew and Eva wrapped around her little finger-although Andrew disappears when the diaper changes come. :) Grace is learning to share momma, and getting used to it a little at a time.   

Have a good week! 


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Staying Distracted

I tell you what. This baby is keeping us on our toes already.  We thought it was coming a few weekends ago (that's why no blog post last week), but it changed it's mind... So with my wonderful husband back to work and my doula back home, I'm trying to stay distracted and keep up with housework.  

I'm making daily to-do lists right now, because my brain is gone. It has left the building... It seems I can barely finish a sentence right now-let alone remember what I'm supposed to do. We also have a long list of things that need to be done outside once I get my strength back and can.. Some of those require hubby's help, some do not (the dog just a couple of nap companions-Mickey and Minnie Mouse, courtesy of Grace) so I'm making a list so I remember everything I'm thinking about as I'm sitting here resting.  

We have a few household projects that I'm hoping both will get done this summer-one definitely will, we'll see about the other.  The carpet needs pulled from the kid's room.. There is a hole in it (BEAUTIFUL hardwood underneath, I'm just praying it goes throughout the room) and true to kid form, they pick at the hole, as does the cat and it's not in a place where we can just cover it up.. So that job shouldn't be too difficult, but it also dawned on me that floor will be very cold come next winter, so I'm finding another use for all these fabric scraps and will crochet rag rugs.  I'm working on cutting those strips as I can, we just need to make it down to the local thrift store to see if she has a huge crochet hook.  The other project is to make a play room under the stairs.  We convinced my dad into crawling into a circulation vent hole to check out under the stairs for us, and it's mostly finished under there!  A friend had confirmed that there used to a walk through pantry there (it's now a bathroom...and my pantry is a set of shelves)... So all we have to do is cut open the drywall, put something up to cover the hole to the bathroom and reuse some of the good carpet from the kid's room to put on the floor-or some soft, easy to clean flooring. While it seems very simple, we are still learning the basics to carpentry so are trying to convince my dad to come at least supervise-that and we need his saws-all. :D   

I did get some fabric cut for a baby-in-a-bag outfit to sew....Then realized I can't reach the sewing machine...So... my cut fabric and instructions sit beside the sewing machine, just a-waiting.  

Our little boy turned 6 last week.  He picked pizza and a superhero cake... So since I didn't feel like making a decorating a cake, we went and bought an ice cream cake, then had him pick out his favorite little superhero guys to go on top.  

I think one of my biggest conundrums right now, is finding a year round homeschool planner I think will work.  I'm at the point where I'm sure I'll have to buy one-at least this year-instead of coming up with my own, but the question is.. what do I want? I can picture it in my head-just don't ask me to explain it, so I'll just have to go looking I suppose.  

That's all to talk about this week! Have a great week (or two)! 


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Shopping Trip April 7th

Nope, no baby yet.. To say I'm impatient is a severe understatement. 

So we went grocery shopping today.  I'm 39 weeks pregnant, grocery shopping with an (almost) 6 year old, 4 year and 2 year old.  You can imagine how much I had (insert sarcastic tone).  

I can tell you one thing. I am SO GRATEFUL for Hyvee's online Aisles shopping and pick up service I can't even express.   You go on their site, create an account, then pick out what groceries you want. You pick the store, and a pick up time for pick up times available at that store.. They do the shopping for you, anything under $100 has a fee, over $100 is free (at least for our store, I don't know if that varies or not).  They also have delivery, but we are too far away for that.  So that's what we did this time.  

I skipped the bakery outlet and Dollar Tree. I just didn't have the energy to deal with them and the kids.  I was zapped after Sam's. I paid extra for the few things we did need from those two stores or found a way to do without. (like a magnetic notepad-I'm using scratch paper and a magnet, and new laundry baskets-I get hte cheap ones for the kids, I just added more tape to them lol).  What bread we did need, I just paid extra for at Hyvee.  

Yes, we paid more for groceries this month, but it was so worth it! 

Hyvee total was $205

Sam's total was $205

Sam's I got so many 'make easy' meals my freezers are stuffed. Yes, we have premade food, but there are also some that are just easy meals to put together... Honestly, I think the most difficult on my meal list is the salsbury steak (totally from scratch) and the chicken fried steak (Sam's has awesome precooked 'steaks' for this, all I have to do is cook those and make the sides).  I have been completely tired and not wanting to cook at all the past few weeks, so having easy, throw together meals will help that feeling.. and if I decide to skip the salsbury steak, I can do anything with hamburger.  

So that was our adventure today... Time to rest now and wait for help to get the rest of the groceries put away. 

Have a great week-and hopefully I'll have a picture of a baby to share next week!