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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Weekend Lunch Prep

I've been thinking of doing a blog like this for awhile, so now I finally am.  

My husband gets up early. His alarm goes off at 4:15 AM, I make our breakfast and get his lunch together while he gets ready for work. The mornings go a lot smoother (and I burn the bacon less) when I have his lunch foods ready to go.  So here's what I do on the weekends. 

For lunches and snacks through the day, I pack a salad (with dressing, croutons, bacon bits and sunflower seeds), a whole pickle, a bowl of fruit, macaroni and cheese or garlic butter macaroni and nutty bars. 

For the salad, I have a bowl that used to be a salad shaker (got it at Walmart years ago). The lid latches on great and portion is perfect.  That's usually the only thing that has to be put together in the morning as I only have one bowl and it gets washed every night. But I make sure I have lettuce cut for the next day at least (I cut a head at a time) then all I have to do is fill the bowl and put it in his lunch box. 

I fill up 5 dressing containers.  We have these little containers from Dollar Tree-they usually don't leak as his lunch box stays upright-that fit about 3 tablespoons of dressing.. Yes, I know that's more than one serving, but in all fairness, his lettuce is more than one serving.  It's the right amount of dressing for him for the amount of lettuce he gets and it's a vinaigrette so a little healthier than some dressings. 

I also try to get five pickles in snack bags-but I gotta say, I don't always remember to do that... So I usually have a hand that smells like pickle juice for a few hours-cuz that smell doesn't come off.  

For his fruit I only have 3 containers that don't leak.  These are the only containers I have bought specifically for his lunch.  We usually buy the canned fruit as we don't have to worry about it spoiling (the local selections aren't great for fresh) and can buy what we need for the month. So I fill up what I have and refill as they get washed.  

The macaroni and cheese is part of his lunch.  I make it from scratch and fill up 5 containers from one 16 oz bag of elbow macaroni.. If I'm out of cheese and make garlic noodles, it only lasts for three days, so I really prefer the mac and cheese on that count. These I use 8 ounce sour cream containers as they fit perfect in the top section of his lunch box. 

For his salad toppings I use the 8 ounce sour cream containers that are flat (green lid).  They fit awesome in his lunch box and fit a serving (according to the package) of each: croutons, sunflowers seeds and bacon bits. 

The nutty bars come prepackaged so he just gets one package of those.

Everything that needs the fridge goes on a shelf so it's easy to grab in the mornings. That's my lunch prep for the week.

Have a great week!  


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