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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shopping This Week

We have decided to do our shopping on Saturdays as a family so I have help with the kids... Where's my happy jump emoji? Just picture a minion doing a happy dance, that's me.  My husband seriously made my month when he told me that.  

I did some more recipe looking as I was making my shopping list this week.  As much as we loved the constant salads, the budget wasn't so happy, so I am still in search of recipes that are healthy but more budget friendly.  

You  can stop laughing now.  

I haven't had much luck, unfortunately.  A friend suggested I try looking for recipes suggested for bariatric surgery patients and a few other friends gave me more suggestions for blogs with low carb, budget friendly recipes.. So we're trying.  We won't be eating AS MANY salads, but we'll still have quite a few salads.  

My boards on Pinterest are providing our meal recipes this month.  

Merissa from Little House Living gave me tips on what she shops for at Aldi's, she mostly uses them for budget friendly produce and condiments so I'm going to go with that suggestion and also check out the items on my list for HyVee since I will be there.  The rest of their prices pretty much mirror Sam's prices.

We had fun with my aunt, uncle and mom visiting.  Went to Mitchell to The Corn Palace one day, then Sioux Falls the next to see the Falls and the USS South Dakota Memorial. This end of the state does have some good sites to see!

It seems like this month is not a good month for the house.  Broke pipes trying to fix a sink drain... Then I blew  fuse in the kitchen and don't have a new one...waiting for nap time to end to rectify that situation. 

I'll share my shopping trip next week. Have a great week!


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