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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shopping Trip June 8

I was so excited for Aldi's open! SO excited.  But clearly I need tips on what to buy to save money, whereas we did save a little, not near as much as what I know you can save... So I've been pinning some things to read later on. 

In the meantime... Our meal plan this month is more than a little different.  We started tracking calories with FitBit and we are eliminating as many carbs as we can.. which means no pasta, no taco shells, little bread.  I have so many salad plans it's not even funny.  I've also taken out the usual hamburger and fries we do on the weekends and replacing it with grilled chicken and a salad of some sort. 

Aldi's, while I know we picked up some extras (cereal mostly), we spent $117, which wasn't too bad. 

Sam's we spent $150.

HyVee we spent $70, and for being a Perks card member we won a $10 gift card for next time (I dunno, the receipt said it was a perk, that's all I can tell you).  

We still have to pick up a few things at the local Dollar General because I couldn't deal with Andrew and Dollar  Tree, but other than that we are done.   

Pinterest was my best friend for meal plans... Completely going against what I usually do, almost everything we are eating this month is something new.  So here's the links to what is on the plan and where I found it.  Have fun. :D 

Caprese Chicken  I had originally seen this recipe on Facebook, which cooks everything in a pan on the stove, but I like this one better. 

Southwestern Chopped Salad

Breaded Chicken Salad-breaded chicken strips, lettuce (mix of romaine and iceberg), croutons, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, choice of dressing

Chicken Shake n bake-chicken pieces coated in light breading with whatever seasonings I grab (usually a base of garlic, onion and paprika), side salad

Shrimp and Avocado salad

One pan chicken and brown rice

Chicken Salad-just simply grilled chicken cut up in a salad

Cherry Coffee Cake-this is for breakfast while we have company. It will be made ahead and warmed up when we eat it. 

Grilled chicken and Broccoli salad-the chicken will be marinated in tenderizer, salt, pepper, garlic an onion for a day before. 

Sriracha lime chicken

Lemon Pepper Chicken-chicken pieces coated in lemon pepper and olive oil then baked and a side salad.

Honey mustard Chicken-chicken pieces coated in honey mustard and baked, side salad.

Garlic butter Shrimp and Rice-we've actually ate this before my husband says it reminds him of gumbo.

Chicken fajitas-chicken cooked in fajita seasoning, bell peppers and onions cooked in fajita seasoning and everything put in a tortilla with mozarella cheese and sour cream.

Do you have any tips for me for shopping at Aldi's? 

Have a great week!


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