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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Shopping July 2nd

I hope you all had a great 4th of July! We didn't do much around here.  We found a video of last year's fireworks show from New York City on YouTube...the kids lasted about 10 minutes.  And we spent the weekend consoling at least two kids a night from all the noise.  The cat and dog were a little worried, but they were content as long as they could see a human.  

As for my shopping trip, we did pretty good.  Went to Sam's, Aldi's, HyVee, Dollar Tree and the bakery outlet.. Oh and the honey place at Wall Lake. 

Sam's I spent 176.06
Bacon, cod, Vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, avocado), cinnamon rolls, chicken breast, cheese, canned fruit and some cooking staples. 

Dollar Tree I spent 5.33
Soap. That's it. 

Aldi's I spent 77.89
Broccoli 1.69 each bundle (2 crowns) 4 bundles
Chicken tenders 7.25
4 pound bags of sugar 2 at 1.49 each
lemons 2.69
flour 4 pound bag 1.24 
Dressing 4 at 1.29 each
Miracle Whip 3.44
Tartar Sauce 1.29 (it doesn't taste very good in my opinion)
Green pepper 3 pack 1.79
Cucumbers 4 at 1.29 each
Mac & Cheese 10 at .33 each
Yellow Onions 1.59
Vinegar .79 (16 oz container to keep in the kitchen)
Olive Oil 32 oz 2 at 3.19 each
Protein Meal Bars 4 at 3.99 each
Garlic .89 (3 bulbs)
And some plastic bags since I forgot mine.  I think my favorite finds at Aldi's are the protein meal bars-mostly for hubby, but I eat a few-they are cheaper version to Slim Fast and the olive oil. 

HyVee I spent 94.90

HyVee has been rearranging and making my usual store more like the new ones.  So more organic, and more bulk.  While that's great and awesome, I kept going to HyVee (the one on Marion in particular) because they had a cheaper option of most things.  That brand is now gone.  While the store is not done rearranging, the shelves they are done with are not stocked with the cheaper version nor is there room leaving me to to conclude they are done with that system.  So next month, we go back to Fareway Foods.  Their prices were similar so the cost shouldn't be much-if any-difference.  Now, if you go to the new HyVee, stop at customer service and ask for a list of where everything is.  I asked for a layout as to which department is where, but they didn't have that. Instead, they had a list of what is in each isle.  Super helpful still if you don't know where things are. 

Have a good week! 


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