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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Plans are Changing

I used to be a very detailed oriented person.  I like plans. I like to know what's going to happen on what day. 

Then I had kids. LOL 

I have tried I don't know how many different times to plan days or weeks (like a cleaning schedule)... I could also tell you how long that lasts-about a week if I'm lucky.  

I am slowly starting to get back into that.. I have planned our school out, our Sunday School lessons. We do home church so I have a Sunday School lesson for the kids.  I plan our meals, and while I don't always stick to that plan, I do know that what I do have planned, I have the ingredients for.  As for any kind of cleaning schedule... I've given up.  Maybe when the kids get a little bigger and their help is actually..well.. helpful.  I'm doing my best to grin and bear the not-so-folded clothes and towels, or the toys not put away how I would do it-but they are put away (it's rare, but it DOES happen).  Or when the girls help with dishes, they don't put things away like I would-but whatever it is in the correct cupboard...usually lol... I have to remind myself that even if it's not how I would do it, they are learning the skills they will use for the rest of their lives.  

I am slowly starting to go with the 'no plan plan'...  I know the kitchen needs scrubbed every week. I know the bathroom needs scrubbed every week (I think my family is laughing at that I HATE  cleaning the bathroom).  I know I really should be making the kids pick up toys and be vacuuming every day.  Do I always? Ok, let's be honest here, do I sometimes? I attempt to do everything once a week.  I really do. But I know I don't. No matter how many times I walk around and tell myself if I just finish one job at a time then it won't be so much work later.. Then the kids get in a fight, or the baby starts screaming-the kind of scream you can't just let it go on for a few minutes while you finish what you are doing and I get distracted and forget to finish whatever chore I was on. 

So yes, plans are changing. Constantly.  I plan what I can (such as what school or Sunday School lesson), but I have to remember to remind myself that not everything can be planned.  Calm down and enjoy the time when the kids are little... and take many deep breaths through the day to keep my sanity intact. 

Have a Great Week! 


  1. I was the same way and then I had kids. Lol
    I love the opening paragraph. It made me laugh. Chores I plan on doing never get done, either. I cringe, and sometimes cry, at the way the house looks because I am a neat freak and despise clutter.

    Melissa Middleton

    1. lol! Ahhh the best well-laid plans. I have given up on a lot of the clutter.. I try to keep my clutter back, but well..the best well laid plans lol. Where's the free personal organizer when you need them?