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Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Month. New Shopping Trip.

We are blessed to receive a little more money in our grocery budget.  It's some answered prayers, let me tell ya.  I'm still working on my grocery list and meal plan, but I'm going to give you the basics.  I'm PRETTY sure we're going shopping this week, but given the kids are sick and we do have enough supper food to make it through another week, we might postpone.  

So I'll give you my meal plan and let you run with it. 

1. Breaded Chicken Salad (we get breaded strips from Sam's that are awesome)
2. Chicken Caesar Salad
3. Chicken and Avocado Salad (my husband is the only one who likes avocado... it's really just trimmed down for the rest of us depending on what we want) 
4. Salisbury steak
5. Tacos (or taco salad, we'll see...)
6. Pork Chops
7. Chili (cuz it's soup season!)
8. Baked Chicken (chicken pieces are cheap again right now)
9. Fish
10. Sesame Seed Chicken
11. Shepherd's Pie
12. Chicken Pot Pie
13. Witch Doctor's Angry Chicken

While it is still overwhelmingly chicken-y, I'm trying to balance it out so we have a variety every week.  

I'll also do some homemade soups for the kids and I for lunches. My husband isn't a big soup fan, but the kids and I like it. 

Any recipes you'd like to see as a blog post, let me know! 

Have a Great Week!


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