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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Planning for Vacation

I'm sure you're looking at the title going What? Vacation? But it's fall!!! 

Let me explain. 

As I've said before, my husband and I are planners.. You think I plan a lot, give my husband an excel spreadsheet and an idea and you won't know what happened. I love it about him, but at the time it drives me a little crazy.  

After we know our destination, we think about our family tree and see if there's any places we want to stop related to that (cemeteries, genealogical societies, old homesteads)... Holy cow we sounds geeks.  We make a list of those places and see what we can feasibly manage without driving in circles.  

Then we make a rough plan route writing down all the hiways-becuase Google maps doesn't have the 'plan a route' option anymore, this can get a little frustrating. We make marks about every 10 hours figuring that's a good day of driving. 

After we get everything planned, we go back through the route and see if there's anything interested we might like to stop and see other than cemeteries (we need a bumper sticker 'will break for cemeteries!' lol).  If there's something that looks interesting, we write down names, addresses and add it to the list.  We can decide while we are there if we want to find it or not-usually depends on traffic and kid's attitudes.  We also go through and decide about what time we'll wake up, will put us around here this time.... Since we like to drive back roads, knowing where there are places to stop for lunch is a must. It also helps to know when we will get close to being low on gas so we don't get stuck somewhere..because tow fees are no fun.  

This time around, instead of making reservations at hotels-which yes can save you money, also makes you stick to a schedule so if you get to that town sooner than expected and want to keep to driving you have to pay a cancellation fee... Well, it just opens a can of worms. So we searched around towns that we will hit around 10 hours of driving each day and wrote down hotel numbers and addresses. We learned a lot from our last big vacation to Illinois... Some things we are planning a little more, some things we are planning a little less. 

I will keep letting you know how we plan our vacation as we go, we still have 6 months before vacation. :D 

Have a great week! 


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