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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rules Are Changing

Our kids think they rule the house.  Hahaha... They are getting a rude awakening this week.  

And they think they are tortured. 

Meanwhile the hubby and I are stocking up on the chocolate. LOL 

I know from older moms that this 'parenting thing' will always keep changing, so just when we think we have it figured it, things will change or somebody will hit a new stage and we'll have to start all over again. 

I also know from my experience that I have a hard time keeping a cleaning schedule.  The few times I have, when somebody gets sick it goes out the window-especially if it's me who's sick.   

I made the kids chore charts this morning.  We have been having issues lately that we will not let continue, and no, I don't feel comfortable "airing out our dirty laundry".. So I will just leave it at that.  Things are changing and they are getting more rules.  Andrew and Eva are old enough to understand and Grace will get there.  

On our chore charts (they are just paper for now.. that might change, that might not) there is 'put clothes away', 'clean your room', 'clean living room'.  Those are the columns. There are rows for each day of the week, the chore columns are doubled. We will check those after school and before daddy comes home-and of course the bed needs cleaned off (because who wants to play on the floor?!!? lol) before bed.  They get a smiley face for each one complete.  If they have put their clothes away and helped with toys in their room and the living room, then they get to go outside.   

In other news... Fall is most definitely here.  I'm FREEZING on a daily basis.. but as I found out yesterday, turn the heat on and we roast in the evening. Even if it's just on for a few hours.  Gotta love the Midwest!!! 

Have a great week!!


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