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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Meal Plan for the Month

Ok, so as I stated in my last blog, I'm going to try to do more posts about what we are eating.  

I don't keep my meal plan on an excel sheet on my computer, so I can't just upload my file.. So I'm going to type this all out.  This is just the plan, not the recipes.  If you want the recipes now, please shoot me a comment to let me know, otherwise, I am going to try to get the recipes on for each meal as the month progresses... Also this week I hope to get our shopping list on a blog this week, too.  

Here's how I meal plan.  I sit down with a spiral notebook, my pre-printed calendar that hangs on the fridge and usually my computer-but that depends on the mood Hannah is in. Many times I have to do my meal plan and grocery list planning in stages over a week. 

I start off with planned breakfasts (Sundays and Saturdays usually, sometimes Wednesdays).  Then I move onto dinners.  I label my calendar squares by the month, one shopping day to the next, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday get a B, L, D (breakfast, lunch dinner).  If I KNOW we have a day we are eating out, I label that first.  Like this month I know we will be eating out for one meal, so that's labeled, I don't have to plan that day.   After I get at last 14 dinners planned I start putting them on my calendar.  The meals are repeated once a week, or once every two weeks, or sometimes not repeated at all... Like something new or a soup.  

For my sanity, I try to have something easy on Sunday evening.  

For lunches during workdays, it stays the same for Dennis.  He eats a salad, fruit for a snack, boiled eggs, a pickle, and a nutty bar.  Right now he has a few extra snacks for  promotion they are doing at his job.  Those are cauliflower and raisins.  For our lunches, it varies.. Peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, tuna and I try to get something like fish sticks or chicken nuggets for some variety in there.   For Saturdays right now we are doing hamburgers and fries.   Sundays we are looking for a church right now, so we decided to get some chips, then we'll stop at one of the restaurants and grab a hot sandwich for everybody and eat in the car or have a picnic.   

Breakfasts are normal... During workdays Dennis and I eat eggs, he also gets yogurt and bacon.  Sometimes I just eat jellied toast.  The kids usually get cereal or I'll make coffee cake.   Saturdays we do waffles. Sundays I'll make something like cinnamon rolls, monkey bread or just cinnamon toast if I don't get something done. 
Wednesdays depends on if we sleep in or not.. Sometimes we'll just do cowboy hash, the kids just get cereal those days, they aren't fans and Grace can't eat eggs.  I've done french toast for us and cinnamon toast for them.. it really just depends on the day.  

So this month we're shopping on the 13th, then in October it's the 11th.  Shopping day we usually grab Papa Murphy's or get pizza while we're at Costco to heat up at supper.  

14th-Caprese Chicken
15th-17th-the kids and I are visiting in Nebraska, so Dennis will find something at Costco to eat while we are gone, the 17th I'll grab something on our way home
18th-Ranch pork chops
19th-Shake N Bake Chicken
20th-Caramelized Onion Pizza
21st-Caprese Chicken
22nd-Hawaiian Fajitas
23rd-Angry Chicken
26th-Shake N Bake
27th-Pizza Casserole
28th-Caprese Chicken
29th-Hawaiian Fajitas
30th-Angry Chicken
Oct 1st-pizza
2nd-Grilled Eggplant Parmesan
3rd-Shake N Bake
4th-Pizza Casserole
5th-Caprese Chicken
6th-Hawaiian Fajitas
7th-Angry Chicken
9th-Grilled Eggplants Parmesan
10th-Shake N Bake Chicken
11th-is a shopping day so we'll grab pizza again

You're getting some extra posts this week as I didn't want to  make this really long, so I'll get my shopping list out to you soon. 

Have a great week! 


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