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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bible Cover

Hello Hello!  

My 6 year old has been wanting to learn how to I've been giving him basics as I sew along-how to thread the needle, the bobbin, refill the bobbin, measure etc.. Before I know it he'll be asking to help (that's what scraps are for, teaching how to sew-or so my grandma always told me.  


While this didn't turn out EXACTLY  as I wanted-one of my pockets gave me fits and I didn't want to remeasure and recut, so I just left it off.. And it is a little big, but that's ok.  And the bias tape... I don't like bias tape-but I have A TON of it I was gifted, so I might as well use it vs throwing it. 

My Pattern

I wish I knew how to do PDF documents to attach so any who wanted to download, could.  But I don't.... Sorry.  Let me recap from my last post... I measured my bible, added seam allowance.. WRote down WHAT I wanted in the cover...drew myself a little sketch... Then measured, added seam allowance and was finally time to cut. 

I did cut more of the green polk-a-dot for inside for the flaps to make those doubled, too. This is all scrap fabric, jean material I used to recover our footstool last year, the green is flannel from baby butt cloths.

So I cut everything, then pressed the fabric.  If you use ribbon, don't forget to heat seal the ends with a lighter so it doesn't become frazzled (yes I've forgotten before).  Added into this stash of fabric was also brown bias tape.  I sewed my two pockets-all that I kept was was the long skinny one for the pens. Then sewed it onto a flap... right sides together I sewed green polk-a-dot to the jean material, turned right side out, pressed, then top stitched. 

The main part of the cover, I just sewed the two pieces together and cut off the extra fabric.  Then I pinned on the flaps and the ribbons to sew everything together... Things were a bit uneven-but that's what bias tape is for, right?  

I may end up cutting the ribbons a bit shorter, we will see. I also positioned my pen pocket in a way so if I want another, there's room without making it look squished.

As you can tell, the bias tape and I had a bit of an argument.  It won.  And no,  I have no idea what I'm doing with it.. I know I have an attachment to do it for me...but I don't know how to use it-every time I try it tears my fabric my up.  But hey, this works and it's functional.. A little fancy, but not so much it's distracting.  

I slid Bible in, and wall-la.  Dear hubby thinks I need to add some type of closure (he suggested a zipper....then I explained my hatred of sewing zippers....)  So I might be added some sort of closure in the future, but for now, this works great.  

Hopefully I didn't confuse you with how I did this.  Let me know and I'll try to explain more.

Have a Great Week!