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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wrap Around Skirt

This is part of my trip planning.  I much prefer to wear skirts, because I'm chasing kids around I usually wear leggings under neath so I don't inadvertently flash somebody.  The only time I don't like wearing a skirt is when I'm stuck in the car all day-because having to climb around in a van and take care of kids in a skirt just isn't happening lol.  

Looking on Pinterest I found the perfect solution-a wrap around skirt.  With this I can wear the leggings around the van-my skirt won't get caught on toys or seats that way-then it's real easy to put on when we stop. 

I've made two of these.. They are SO COMFORTABLE!  They were made out of reclaimed fabric, old dress pants of my husband's that gained too many holes to be fixed anymore.  I did an extra panel, but it's easily adjustable that way and if the Lord blesses us with another child down the road it will be wearable during pregnancy without adjustment.  It took me two pairs of pants for each skirt, the belt is made out of the same material. Three pant legs for the skirt, one pant leg for the belt. My husband loves various shades of beige (yes, I tease him a lot about it lol), so there is a tiny bit of color variation in a few of the panels, but it works, and that panel that's a bit off is the panel that gets tucked underneath.  

I got my formula simply by googling 'how to make a wrap around skirt'.  I did do the belt a bit different than they did, but I liked it.  

So let me see if I can explain it, I see I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted-but that's what happens when you have help. ;)

Two pairs of dress pants.  I cut around the pants and holes and ended up with skirts just below knee length. Three panels were cut even with the crotch, one panel was cut at just below the belt line.

Here is my three panels cut.  The blue underneath is my 'ironing board'.  I use a board  with a towel on top.  It works.

This is the strips for my belt.  They were cut four inches wide. It's twice as long as the top part of the panels.  Now one skirt I sewed the belt all the way around, the second skirt I sewed on the belt only on two panels... We'll see how I like them.  My waist ended up being the former cuff of the bottom of the pants, so the belt was able to cover up stains that were there from my husband wearing the pants.  I sewed at the ends, making one long strip, then folded right sides together, in half tapering one end.  I turned right side out, using my yard stick to get the tapered end right and sewed closed.

Pinning the seams.  I had to sew the side seams and the bottom hem.

Finished product!  It's a bit flared at the bottom, but I like it!! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


That means video log, in case you didn't know!  

Dennis has been after me for awhile to try this... so here goes. 

What happens on Monday mornings around here... 

So here's the link (hope it works, tell me if it doesn't because I have NO IDEA what I'm doing)...