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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Planning, Planning and more Planning

I have a confession.  I'm a great planner, I can plan until I'm blue in face...but when it comes to the follow through, I have issues. And yet, I can't stop planning. It's a vicious cycle. 

The past week my sewing machine has been at a stand still forcing me to choose what projects are essential to get done before baby gets here.  

I have to finish my mama cloth and the baby blanket.  Andrew's car seat is getting cushion, Eva has a skirt that needs fixed, and my husbands's footstool is in desperate need of recovering-which will really be more stapling onto the wooden frame than actual sewing.  I would absolutely LOVE to get the baby clothes, wipes and nursing camisoles done, but I'm not counting on it anymore. I can only sit for so long and considering the amount (yeah, let's call it help from my well meaning kids who are learning) I get when I sew, my patience and nerves only last for so long. Grace LOVES to put her fingers where they don't need to be.  So we'll see how far I get.  

I also have to clean out our room where the bassinet and rocking chair go (including shampooing the carpet) and have baby clothes easy to get to... Girl and boy since we don't know what we are having.  

I have a few meals to get in the freezer (lasagna and stuffed shells..possibly waffles, we'll see).  

Anybody else overwhelmed yet? 

On top of all the baby stuff, we have home school (my crazy kids about had a heart attack when I mentioned the word 'break', so I'm getting extra worksheets ready for when I can't help along with the daily work) needs attention, we have the normal daily household chores... And we added a trip to Fargo in March.  They are having their annual Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference.  While I didn't get to hear much last year, and doubt I will this year,  I can always turn the live stream on and listen that way while the kids get their energy out.  Meeting the pastors (visiting with ours and his family from Missouri was fun!) and being able to be there was great.. So we decided we'd go again this year.  We are both completely looking forward to it, but it's a little extra planning for me-quiet activities for the kids, snacks that are Eva safe (learned the hard way last year).  

While I won't start planning the next school year until we get the materials around May or June, I'm looking into different ways of organizing everything.  It's so much easier on me to have everything planned out and ready to go than to fly by the seat of my pants.. So I'm on Pinterest almost daily looking for ideas.  

...SOOO... like I said.. anybody else overwhelmed yet?  ;) 

Have a good week! 


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fabric Shopping Trip 2/16

A good friend gifted me a JoAnn's Fabric gift card. :D  So the kids and I went shopping yesterday.  While we did have a few different stores on our list, we only made it to JoAnn's.  
My belt broke on my old Singer sewing we were planning on going to the Singer dealer to get a new one. The problem? Nobody showed up.. so I went in search on the internet and found it. :D All sewing is halted until that belt comes in, so I'll be cleaning and twiddling my thumbs until Monday.  
The money for the belt came out of my thrift store money (seriously need some sweatpants here), but since I couldn't go to Singer I couldn't go to the thrift see how this is going?  Yeah, so we made it JoAnn's for fabric and such, Walmart for vitamins and diapers and Firehouse Subs for lunch-you gotta eat there SO GOOD and their soda machine is awesome. 

Anyway-here's our takeaway from JoAnn's.  The only thing that wasn't on sale were the snaps-but I had a 50% coupon for them. :D We need fabric for the baby's quilt, fabric for a footstool, fabric for a car seat cover, fabric for cloth wipes, white thread, a pattern and heavy duty snaps.

So here's a rundown of what we got for fabric. Minky, denim, Marvel comics, and scrap flannel.

2 yards of denim. We bought a footstool from Big Lots...ohhh... probably 3 or 4 years ago now.  The original faux leather came off a long time ago.. I recovered in scrap pieces of denim-which worked great for a bit, but it is coming apart at the seams, so this piece will be one big (I'm hoping doubled) piece, no seams to be torn apart where our feet will be. On Sale for 8.99 a yard. Without the sale price, it was 29.98, with a total of 17.98.

2 yards of Minky.  My sister introduced me to this fabric. So soft, warm but not too warm.. In my opinion, PERFECT for the backing of a baby quilt. :D Originally priced for a total of 29.98, on sale for 8.99 a yard.  Total of 17.98. $20 for a homemade baby quilt. I think we can deal with that. 

Scrap Flannel.  I found a pattern on Pinterest I fully intend on making and it will be a blog post.  You take terry cloth and flannel and make a cute, absorbent and soft on one side wipe. After 3 in cloth diapers, I think I deserve some nice wipes (and we have a bathroom towel with holes). I really wanted something more baby fabric-type (those cute little feet and hands pattern or something), but I also knew getting a remnant would make it a little cheaper. It was a remnant, so cheaper to begin with, but still on sale after that.  Originally 6.99, sale price was 2.40 at just under a yard.

1 yard Marvel Comic.  We have a car seat without a cover (don't ask, it just doesn't have one).  Now I wouldn't want to sit on a hard plastic seat, so I'm not going to make Andrew.  So he helped pick out his favorite.  I'll make it a little cushiony with the leftover quilting batting from the baby blanket.  Original price was 10.99, on sale for 6.59.

Miscellaneous... Heavy Duty Snaps, thread and a pattern.

Andrew's chair I did a few weeks ago needs more snaps, so we needed to get more heavy duty snaps. This was the one thing I got that wasn't on sale.   But I had a 50% off coupon. Originally 6.99 for 7 snaps, I got for 3.50.

White thread.  I'm getting a little low and since I'm sewing some things that matter what color of thread I use, I wanted that specific color-white.  Although in retrospect I'm wondering if I should have picked up some brown since I got brown Minky fabric.  Oh well, maybe I can find some at the local thrift store.  Two spools of white thread. Originally 3.99 each, on sale for 2.39 each. 

The pattern. I searched hard for a free pattern for a baby in a bag.  Found a few free ones that were printable.. So printed them off and took them to my mom's... We attempted..but the neck just didn't look like it should and comparing it to one I have already, it just doesn't look RIGHT. So I decided to spring for a pattern.  Since I was paying for a pattern, I got one that had the footy pajamas in it-I swear toddlers go through those so fast, you blink and the feet are full of holes.  I might have to scale down a bit for a newborn, but I bought the bigger size for the footy pajamas.  The baby in a bags will be a blog post too.  The pattern was originally 13.95, on sale for 8.37.  It is cheaper on the Butterick website, but I didn't have a gift certificate to the website. :p

In all, I spent $64.02 at JoAnn's.  I would say that isn't too bad for all that.  I saved 45.50 by shopping during the sale. Which is AWESOME. 

Until next week! 


Friday, February 12, 2016

Grocery Shopping Trip February 11th

Well, I changed things up a little month.  I've been making a few extra trips to the city this month and was noticing deals that Walmart has early in the morning.... So I decided to hit them up first and fill in with Hyvee.  I really dislike Walmart, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make the budget happy. Our Aldi's is opening sometime this summer, so I just gotta keep going until then. 

The kids and I hit up Walmart, Sam's, Hy-Vee, Dollar Tree and the bakery outlet.  And the gas station and fast food places for lunch-but you never hear about those. :p

Now first off, I paid $23 for gas in the van.  :D I'm loving these prices. :D $1.33 average right now.  

At Walmart, a few of the regular grocery items were cheaper than HyVee, but we really hit the mark with the meat sales. Brats and sirloin steak blew me away with price simply by buying the packages that were near the date. 
4 pack (maybe 5, but I know I counted 4) of sirloin steak 9.36
4 pack of brats 2.98
The steaks are a birthday dinner request for Dennis and Grace's party next weekend (Grace's is the 17th Dennis is the 18th) ,  and my crazy kids don't like steak, so they get brats.   The rest of the savings at Walmart were within 10 cents of what things cost at Hy-Vee, but since I was there, I picked them up.

Sam's Club, I didn't save more than the buying in bulk prices... But I did have a $10 gift card from a survey site that helped when I found prices were wrong on the website.  

Hy-Vee had some sales along with some digital coupons.  They had a dozen eggs for .99 (limit of 2). A digital coupon for yogurt and ice cream-so hubby got Ben and Jerry's and the kids got Itti Bitz (crazy Gracie also doesn't like ice cream, so I'll be making a cake, too). They also had Nutty Bars on sale (a must for hubby's lunch), 4 for $5-just the little boxes, but cheaper than the big boxes.  And Pepsi 6 pack bottles on sale 5 for $10, must buy 5.  

Dollar Tree I got my usual and a few extras.. aluminum foil, kleenex, trash bags for the bathroom trash, magic erasers (make cleaning the bathroom easy), toilet bowl cleaner, auto dish detergent and roaster pans with lids (starting my baby baking this month). 

The bakery outlet was also the usual, 12 loaves of bread, 2 hamburger bun packages  ($.75 each) and a couple boxes of bite size donuts.  

Other than that, we hit up Subway, Taco Bell and Taco Johns for lunch.  Yes, we all got something different.  

Minus lunch and gas, I spent $371 yesterday.  Not near as low as we'd like, but for the extra ice cream and cake decor, and the steak with the birthdays, not TOO bad for a family of 5 for 4 weeks.  

A few other notes... I am attempting belly wrapping for pregnancy support when we have to out and about.  It's supposed to help with the ligament and pelvis pain.  The wrap I used while we were shopping did not do it's job, the fabric is getting old so too stretchy, but I re-wrapped myself in my ring sling when we got home and I had rested for a big and that helped A LOT.  (Watch this video on YouTube too see what I'm talking about.)  I'm hoping to get it figured out so I can get my sewing done that needs done.  I want it all done by the middle of next month-just so I have everything ready.  

Also, upon talking to some seasoned homeschoolers on a local group on Facebook, I found out you can sign up for an educator's discount for OfficeMax and Office Depot.  So... I went and signed up this morning.  It's free to sign up and you get rewards for spending so much.  It can't hurt anything for sure.  

Have a great weekend! We're expecting snow up here in the frozen tundra of South Dakota (lol).  :D  


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

PVC Chair Cushion

I'm sure you've seen all these different things people are making out of PVC pipe lately.  I found instructions for a PVC chair and enlisted my parent's help-so I can't tell you how they did it-but I can give you the link I printed off for them... which dad took and made a throne instead of a chair. :D But Andrew says it's comfortable lol. He thought it needed to be sturdier so used bigger pipe.  Well... Sort of, after rescouring my Pinterest, I can't find the instructions anymore... So here's an article that features many ideas to use PVC pipe for, I know I found instructions for the cushion, but I can't find that either.

Here's the finished chair,  I found this outdoor material when I was sorting my scraps. I would say there was about a yard and a half and I think we measured it to be around 48 inches, but it was cut from something else. 

So I took the raw edges, cut them straight and sewed the seam 3 different times, inside out to make sure it was strong, I also used some upholstery thread I had sitting around-that much stronger. I turned it right side out and sewed the ends shut.

Then came the fun part- getting the heavy duty snaps on (note the sarcasm).  I tried to space them evenly but I clearly did not get enough.. Get extras, like 3 packages worth-just get A LOT lol.  I have four on one end and five on the other and it's barely enough, so next time I'm at a store, I'm getting more.  To know how far apart to put them , I wrapped an end around the pipe and added about of inch of extra space so it has wiggle room when he sits and wiggles, then marked an 'x'.  Hammered on the snaps... about four different times as it didn't cooperate the first times.. and attached. 

Here's the chair without the cushion.  I had dad put the seat about 12 inches off the ground to fit our little kid table.  

Here's Andrew trying out his completely finished chair. 

In other happenings, I've been doing some sewing for the baby. You've seen the cute little slipper shoes in the middle. On the left in a little snuggie blanket I found on Pinterest.  Crocheted granny square with an elephant ( so cute!!!!) and a first attempt at a light weight baby in a bag-it needs work before I share the instructions.