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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fabric Shopping Trip 2/16

A good friend gifted me a JoAnn's Fabric gift card. :D  So the kids and I went shopping yesterday.  While we did have a few different stores on our list, we only made it to JoAnn's.  
My belt broke on my old Singer sewing we were planning on going to the Singer dealer to get a new one. The problem? Nobody showed up.. so I went in search on the internet and found it. :D All sewing is halted until that belt comes in, so I'll be cleaning and twiddling my thumbs until Monday.  
The money for the belt came out of my thrift store money (seriously need some sweatpants here), but since I couldn't go to Singer I couldn't go to the thrift see how this is going?  Yeah, so we made it JoAnn's for fabric and such, Walmart for vitamins and diapers and Firehouse Subs for lunch-you gotta eat there SO GOOD and their soda machine is awesome. 

Anyway-here's our takeaway from JoAnn's.  The only thing that wasn't on sale were the snaps-but I had a 50% coupon for them. :D We need fabric for the baby's quilt, fabric for a footstool, fabric for a car seat cover, fabric for cloth wipes, white thread, a pattern and heavy duty snaps.

So here's a rundown of what we got for fabric. Minky, denim, Marvel comics, and scrap flannel.

2 yards of denim. We bought a footstool from Big Lots...ohhh... probably 3 or 4 years ago now.  The original faux leather came off a long time ago.. I recovered in scrap pieces of denim-which worked great for a bit, but it is coming apart at the seams, so this piece will be one big (I'm hoping doubled) piece, no seams to be torn apart where our feet will be. On Sale for 8.99 a yard. Without the sale price, it was 29.98, with a total of 17.98.

2 yards of Minky.  My sister introduced me to this fabric. So soft, warm but not too warm.. In my opinion, PERFECT for the backing of a baby quilt. :D Originally priced for a total of 29.98, on sale for 8.99 a yard.  Total of 17.98. $20 for a homemade baby quilt. I think we can deal with that. 

Scrap Flannel.  I found a pattern on Pinterest I fully intend on making and it will be a blog post.  You take terry cloth and flannel and make a cute, absorbent and soft on one side wipe. After 3 in cloth diapers, I think I deserve some nice wipes (and we have a bathroom towel with holes). I really wanted something more baby fabric-type (those cute little feet and hands pattern or something), but I also knew getting a remnant would make it a little cheaper. It was a remnant, so cheaper to begin with, but still on sale after that.  Originally 6.99, sale price was 2.40 at just under a yard.

1 yard Marvel Comic.  We have a car seat without a cover (don't ask, it just doesn't have one).  Now I wouldn't want to sit on a hard plastic seat, so I'm not going to make Andrew.  So he helped pick out his favorite.  I'll make it a little cushiony with the leftover quilting batting from the baby blanket.  Original price was 10.99, on sale for 6.59.

Miscellaneous... Heavy Duty Snaps, thread and a pattern.

Andrew's chair I did a few weeks ago needs more snaps, so we needed to get more heavy duty snaps. This was the one thing I got that wasn't on sale.   But I had a 50% off coupon. Originally 6.99 for 7 snaps, I got for 3.50.

White thread.  I'm getting a little low and since I'm sewing some things that matter what color of thread I use, I wanted that specific color-white.  Although in retrospect I'm wondering if I should have picked up some brown since I got brown Minky fabric.  Oh well, maybe I can find some at the local thrift store.  Two spools of white thread. Originally 3.99 each, on sale for 2.39 each. 

The pattern. I searched hard for a free pattern for a baby in a bag.  Found a few free ones that were printable.. So printed them off and took them to my mom's... We attempted..but the neck just didn't look like it should and comparing it to one I have already, it just doesn't look RIGHT. So I decided to spring for a pattern.  Since I was paying for a pattern, I got one that had the footy pajamas in it-I swear toddlers go through those so fast, you blink and the feet are full of holes.  I might have to scale down a bit for a newborn, but I bought the bigger size for the footy pajamas.  The baby in a bags will be a blog post too.  The pattern was originally 13.95, on sale for 8.37.  It is cheaper on the Butterick website, but I didn't have a gift certificate to the website. :p

In all, I spent $64.02 at JoAnn's.  I would say that isn't too bad for all that.  I saved 45.50 by shopping during the sale. Which is AWESOME. 

Until next week! 


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