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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ads are Out! Shopping Trip December 17

It's been a month already, Ads are out for my shopping trip again. 

If you like shellfish, within the next month, now is your time to fill your craving.  While it's still expensive, it's a little cheaper than the rest of the year.  

HyVee has special sales for crab, lobster and shrimp. Personally, we are taking advantage of the shrimp.  

Here's the ad links. Have fun! 

FarewayFareway OnlineFareway Special Sale

Personally, I've been a little disappointed with Fareway. For quite awhile after they opened, they had the cheapest meat prices around. But now they don't, I haven't shopped there in quite awhile. It's just not conducive to our budget.  

We have two special meals happening this coming month. Christmas and Eva's birthday.  For Christmas I am planning ham, shrimp, potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin pie and cake (my Eva can't have cherries or pumpkins, so that's the alternative of choice this time).  For Eva's birthday we're doing her favorite food, pizza, and the requested Thomas the train cake.  I plan on finding a different train from Thomas to put on top since I made a Thomas cake for Andrew last year.   

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