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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How I Use My Kindle

Hello hello! 

Last year my husband bought me Kindle Fire (these things are cheap during this season). 

I haven't messed with it too much, but I learn a few new things here and there.  

When Hannah was born, I put Facebook and my email on it-with the intention of taking it back off as she got older... But I never took it off and am enjoying sharing pictures with family and friends.

Of course I use it for an e-reader.  I'm hoping to get a subscription to a homeschool magazine soon and use it on my Kindle rather than having more paper piles piling up around the house-but that's up to Mr. Budget.  I have the OverDrive app, which I use to borrow e-books from a library if I run out of free titles through Amazon-I refuse to pay for an e-book.  If I have to spend money, I'm getting paper.

I do admit to playing way too many games on it-I shouldn't, but I do-one stereotype from my generation I will admit to, the gaming stereotype. 

I use it to check the weather with The Weather Channel app.  I have looked up a few things on YouTube before, so I finally put the app on it so when I do find something to watch on Youtube (usually a tutorial on a new carry with my moby wrap or mei tei), it saves to my profile so it's findable again.  

I read my Bile on it through Bible Gateway. 

Pinterest and FitBit apps are on it. Pandora, too. 

My favorite app has got to be Sermon Audio.  I know I've told y'all about them before.  I can listen to sermons wherever I am-house, car, park... I love it.  

A discussion on a homeschool page this morning is going to send me to Amazon underground to see what I can discover for free school apps.  

How do you use your smart phone or tablet for school?  

Have a great week!


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