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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthdays, Birthdays and More Birthdays!

The first four months are chock full birthdays around here.  In January we have Eva's, my dad's, mine and my mom's. February we have Grace's and Dennis'. March has Adrianna's and April has Andrew's.  

The kids get to tell me what kind of cake they want and what decoration they want. We also do their favorite food for lunch (that way they have time to run off the sugar of the cake before bed time). 

For Eva's birthday, she wanted a Thomas the Train cake and pizza for her birthday.  So we got frozen pizza to bake and the kids 'helped' with the cake. (Read as: they ate icing as I was trying to decorate.) 

I was really excited to try out my new cake pans. I finally have round cake pans so I can do a little more with cakes rather than just rectangles.  I wasn't able to get as fancy as I wanted because Grace was sick and getting very grumpy in the high chair. But Eva loved it, and that's the important part. 

I did discover I needed more icing than I made.  There just wasn't enough to my liking. :)  But then, I do have a sweet tooth.  I also didn't realize how little room there was on a round cake and should have put the train on before I wrote the letters, but oh well.  

Hard to believe my little girl is 3 already. Goodness knows she has the attitude to go with it.  

I have plans for my cake, just hope it turns out ok.. That will be next week as we are doing it early... Then the week after we'll do my parent's cake... As long as they let me make it at their house anyway. :)  Just so many cakes going on! :) 

There's my birthday girl.  Complete with pizza sauce. 'Scuse the messy floor behind her. 

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