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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Curriculum Is HERE!!!!

Our School Curriculum arrived yesterday and I gotta say, it feels like Christmas.  Charlie Brown's "Christmastime Is Here" was playing through my head yesterday.  

For Andrew, we are starting with Abeka.  After looking through their magazine I decided he would do best in K5.  After getting the books and looking a bit, I do think I picked the right now.  While age-wise most would say he's a little young, but that's a beauty of homeschooling, you can go at the individual child's pace.  This is right where he should be. Yes, he'll have some easy days, but that's ok. I did decide to order the teacher's books along with the workbooks-especially for phonics-because I want the planning and the teaching tips and phonics is not one of my strong points so I need to make sure I'm teaching it right. Abeka has child kits and teacher kits, but I decided not to get the entire kit and just get the individual books-but that's a decision for each family, too.  We also bought a Bible curriculum that all the kids will do together.  I just bought the teacher's manual for this. It has Bible memory verses and a story to read then ask questions about to make sure they understand-and songs (some hymns, some kid's action songs).  I figured I didn't need the separate workbooks for this as Bible stories are pretty straight forward and there are awesome resources on the internet that have free coloring pages. The plan for Andrew's workbooks is to make copies and to keep reusing... I am a little worried about that possibility with all the color in the worksheets, but I'm going to try. 

For Eva, she is still learning the basics so she's still on the preschool book. We have one of those preschool books you can find at Walmart... It will be supplemented with other worksheets and counting, understand that numbers have a value (hello dinosaur counters-we thought they were bears, but they are not oh well!) and whatever else she needs extra help with.  

For Grace, she's just getting busy work so I can help the big kids.  Alphabet and Bible coloring pages. Sorting colors and an electronic Leap Frog toy she got for Christmas will be in her school box.  

With the organizing stuff and miscellaneous school supplies, along with the curriculum, we have spent $200 on school stuff this year.  A lot of that will be reused for many years to come so it was just a one time purchase.  Some of it, I'm waiting until school things get in stores and I'll try to stock up on some it when it goes on sale after school starts.  

Now comes the tedious part-the planning and making sure everything is ready to go. Because I know me.  If I don't have it ready to go, we'll have issues. So I want to get the whole year ready to go.  I'll do a post on how I'm going to do that later.  

Have a great week! 


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