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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Shopping Trip May 8

Well, we just did another shopping trip. I'm not sure having three young ones on a morning long shopping trip will ever get any easier. 

It's certainly not getting any easier on the budget. We had to increase the budget by $50 out of necessity, which means we drive the van less-that's almost a tank of gas for the van. Pork is going up just like everything else, so since Sam's bacon is no longer the cheapest (at least for this month), I decided to get GOOD stuff since I had to pay full price. So I went to the local butcher and got the good stuff, and now I'm second guessing myself because I'm worried it won't last the month-they slice theirs thicker. 

I went to three stores this time. I skipped Dollar Tree because Andrew was grumpy and my patience was thinning. 

Fareway Food Stores
Fiora toilet paper 12 pack 6.49
Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce 3 at 1.38 each 4.14
Olive Oil 8.99
Clabber Girl Corn Starch 1.39
Mild Cheddar Chunk Cheese 2.89
Mild cheddar Chunk Cheese 3.21
Mozarella Chunk Cheese 3.35
Mozarella Chunk Cheese 3.11
             The chunk cheese was cheaper than buying the pre shedded from Sam's as I have been doing. Looking at my receipt I can tell I had mommy brain even with a list in front me, I was supposed to get $10 worth of each cheese. OOPS.
Pepperoni 3 at 2.99 each 8.97
Sweet Cream Butter 4 at 2.99 each 11.96
Ground Beef 10 lb tube 2.99 a lb 30.06
Cayenne Pepper 2 at .75 1.50
Yeast 3.99
Sour Cream 1.88
Lipton Tea Bags 3.69
Ziploc Bags 2 at 1.50 each 3.00
Pineapple Orange Juice 6 pack 2.69
Ricotta Cheese 1.99
Sweet and Zesty Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce 2.99
Refried Beans 1.39
Jolly Time Popcorn Seeds 3.49
Tortillas 2.49
Lettuce Head 1.29
Pineapple 2.68
Onions 2.07
Easter Candy on sale 2 at .99
Total of 128.98

Sam's Club
Cat Food 18.5 lbs 9.98
Vinegar 2 gallons 3.58
French fries 6.98
Sun Maid Raisins 7.67
Ham for Sandwiches 6.98
Sunny D  24 pack 5.97
Minute Maid 2 at 5.48 10.96
Frosted Flakes 6.58
Premade Hamburger Patties 6 lbs 16.98
Garlic Powder 6.38
Onion Powder 4.38
Chicken Breast 6 pounds 11.98
Oats and Honey Granola Bars 7.93
Whole Dill Pickles gallon 4.62
Velveeta 2 pack 10.88
Tuna 60 oz 8.98
Hamburger Buns 2.38
Chips single serving variety pack 9.98
Total of 151.78

Salem Farmer's Market (Our local grocery store actually had good deals!)
Large Eggs one dozen 6 at 1.58 each 9.48
Apple Juice 2 at .99 each 1.98
Fun Dogs 7 at .69 each 4.83
Watermelon .39 per pound 10.28 lb 4.01
Total 21.52

EarthGrains Bakery Outlet ( I didn't get a detailed receipt from here, so I'm just going to list what I got and the total)
8 loaves bread
Donuts single serve 2 at .50
Juice 2 at .99

Eich's Meat Market (our local butcher)
Approximately 4 pounds of bacon 24.49

I will share my meal plan next week. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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