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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shopping From July 30

Grumph.  One month, I do great... the next month... not so great.  I spent too much this month.  

August starts our monthly trips out of town again-so I do buy convenience foods for those weekends, for our snacks and for hubby to eat while we're gone. Convenience foods do make things more expensive (and forget about a diet those weekends).  

So here goes the checkbook groaning as I'm crunching numbers today. 

Aldi's 91.33
Fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, poptarts, cereal, olive oil, pudding (I'm a sucker), sugar and dressing....  

I think i spend more time bagging the groceries than I do picking out the groceries lol. But I do have a 4 year old helper. 

Fareway Foods 58.14
I was reminded another reason why I stopped going to Fareway... their fresh food selection stinks.. So onto Sunshine foods next month.  
Yogurt, cereal, salsa pizza and eggs.

Walmart 36.08
This was all meat... I did save as I usually figure $50 a month for chicken-but it wasn't enough to get me down to where we want to be.  Check your local markets for when they put out the discounted meats. Some do every day early morning, some overload it once a week..It's worth it. 

Bakery Outlet 6.39

Dollar Tree 14.91
Dressing, jelly, miscellaneous cleaning supplies. 

Sam's Club 207.41
Pizza, vinegar, canned fruit, bacon, cod, deli ham and cheeses (for grilled cheese sandwiches), chicken strips, cinnamon rolls, cofee and lettuce. 

All in all I spent $404.  Higher than we like, but we have to have food... Now I need to go investigate that funny noise...

Have a great week!!


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